Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sports
Status: Canceled
Station: HBO
Latest Episode: 10/13/2019
Created by: Stephen Levinson
Official site:

Ballers is a sports drama TV series that emerged on HBO in 2015 with a 10-episode debut installment.


Ballers Canceled HBO Series Not Returning for Season 6

Great news for all the "Ballers" fans out there! We have some exciting updates to share with you about your favorite HBO series. Unfortunately, it's not the news that we were hoping for. After a successful run of five seasons, "Ballers" has been canceled and will not be returning for a sixth season. While this may come as a disappointment to many, let's take a moment to appreciate the fantastic journey this show has taken us on.

The Rise and Success of "Ballers"

"Ballers" premiered on HBO in 2015 and quickly became a fan favorite. Created by Stephen Levinson, the show revolves around the lives of former NFL player Spencer Strasmore, played by Dwayne Johnson, and his colleagues as they navigate the high-stakes world of professional American football. With its captivating storyline, talented cast, and entertaining mix of drama and comedy, "Ballers" kept us hooked from start to finish.

Over the years, "Ballers" has garnered a dedicated fan base and received critical acclaim for its portrayal of the behind-the-scenes struggles of professional athletes. The show not only explored the glitz and glamour of the sports industry but also delved into the personal lives of its characters, making it relatable and engaging for viewers. With its unique blend of humor, heartfelt moments, and intense sporting action, "Ballers" quickly became a must-watch for sports enthusiasts and fans of quality television alike.

Saying Goodbye to a Memorable Show

As fans bid farewell to "Ballers," it's important to remember the incredible impact this series has had on our screens. From its powerful performances to its thought-provoking storylines, "Ballers" has left an indelible mark on the world of television. The show not only entertained us but also shed light on the challenges faced by athletes behind closed doors, reminding us that the pursuit of success often comes at a cost.

While it's sad to see "Ballers" come to an end, it's essential to celebrate the incredible journey we've had with the show. We laughed, we cried, and we were inspired by the characters' resilience and determination. As we say goodbye to Spencer Strasmore and his team, let's cherish the memories, the lessons learned, and the hours of entertainment we were fortunate to experience.

In conclusion, "Ballers" may not be returning for a sixth season, but its impact will be remembered for years to come. This HBO series has given us a glimpse into the world of professional sports and the personal struggles that athletes face. With its engaging storyline, talented cast, and powerful performances, "Ballers" has left a lasting impression on fans around the world. As we bid farewell to this beloved show, let's remember the joy it brought us and look forward to the new and exciting projects that await the talented individuals involved in the making of "Ballers."


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Name Air Dates
Players Only Oct 13, 2019

Despite having a bullseye on his back, Spencer refuses to back down in his fight for the league's players. Joe embraces a new state of mind as he finds peace with himself. Julie encourages Charles to take care of unfinished business. Ricky decides to strike out on his own with his latest project. Reggie takes the next step in his career, with some encouragement from Vernon.

Who Wants a Lollipop Oct 6, 2019

When Spencer returns to the Sports X offices to work out a major player deal, he and Joe air past grievances and later, Spencer makes a big public statement that's sure to have consequences. Charles mulls over a new deal from Werner after getting a wakeup call about his health. Ricky gets defensive in a meeting with a Hollywood bigwig who has ambitious plans for his future. Vernon, Reggie and Lance arrive at their first Esports tournament as underdogs.

Edutainment Sep 29, 2019

In the wake of an unexpected tragedy, Spencer prepares for his first owners meeting. While trying to balance work and his relationship with Kate, Joe decides to go on Ricky's radio show. Charles deals with an unexpected health crisis in the middle of his busiest time at work. Vernon, Reggie and Lance try to recruit a trio of gaming siblings for their new league. Jason celebrates his anniversary.

Crumbs Sep 22, 2019

Spencer feels the pressure as he fights for Kisan; Ricky's radio show gets mixed reviews; and Charles tries to land a big player.

Municipal Sep 15, 2019

As Spencer settles into his new role, he makes what could be an unpopular decision; Joe finds his professional life sidetracked by his personal life; Ricky dips his toe into the media pool and shares his true feelings about an ally.

Copernicursed Sep 8, 2019

Just as Spencer reaches out to him with the job of a lifetime, Jason gets an interesting counteroffer from Joe, who's determined to bring his old partner down. Vernon has a tryout at an Esports company and Reggie bemoans his position at Sports X. Ricky turns to partying to deal with his depression. Charles considers what to do about Kisan.

Must Be the Shoes Sep 1, 2019

After learning of competing owner offers, Spencer engages with past allies. Joe is tasked with apologizing for creating a hostile work environment with the help of Kate, a sharp Sports X exec. Ricky and Vernon each consider different kinds of futures, while Charles tries to hide some unwelcome news.

Protocol is for Losers Aug 25, 2019

While peacefully enjoying retirement and reflecting on his past, Spencer gets a tantalizing offer. A year after splitting with Spencer, Joe eyes a big swing at Sports X with his new partner, Lance. Ricky finds himself in hot water with Charles, and Vernon considers a life change, much to Reggie's chagrin.

There's No Place Like Home, Baby Oct 7, 2018

Spencer takes his fight to the next level. Ricky jeopardizes his comeback.

The Devil You Know Sep 30, 2018

Spencer takes a big risk with the potential to blow the deal. After a heart-to-heart with Ricky, Charles spells out his vision for the team. Joe and Reggie enlist Vernon and Terrell "Sizzle" Suggs, to persuade Illegal Civilization.

The Kids are Aight Sep 23, 2018

Spencer calls on the Anderson Brothers for help, Joe pitches Illegal Civilization to a major shoe brand, and Ricky loses his cool at a neighbor's pool party.

No Small Talk Sep 16, 2018

Spencer recruits Q to help him leverage a deal; with Reggie in tow, Joe talks business with a group of extreme skateboarders known collectively as Illegal Civilization; Charles hosts a pre-free-agent reception.

Doink Sep 9, 2018

Spencer looks to elevate the SportsX TV brand, while Joe weighs a new offer. At Jayda's insistence, Spencer meets Quincy. Ricky tries to prove to Kisan he's still got the goods, while Charles is encouraged by Julie to bring more flair to his job.

Forgiving Is Living Sep 2, 2018

Spencer and Joe find themselves in a crisis at Sports X, and Ricky considers his motivations for ending his retirement.

This Is Not Our World Aug 26, 2018

Spencer questions Lance's excesses; Vernon gets carried away.

Don't You Wanna Be Obama? Aug 19, 2018

Spencer becomes immersed in a marketing controversy. Still smarting from their feud in Miami, Charles agrees to give Ricky a chance, against his better instincts.

Rough Ride Aug 12, 2018

Spencer weighs the pros and cons of an acquisition, and Ricky and Charles set down roots in LA.

Yay Area Sep 24, 2017

Spencer and Joe get a late-game assist in their efforts to win over team owners. After soul-searching, Ricky maps out a new future. Jason gets Charles another crack at a coveted job. Reggie makes an impact at training camp.

Crackback Sep 17, 2017

Spencer learns that his master plan to bring a team to Las Vegas may be in jeopardy. Ricky arrives at a crossroads, personally and professionally. Charles sees his wish come true in Miami, but ends up with regrets.

Alley-Oops Sep 10, 2017

Spencer gets unexpected info that leads him to reassess his priorities. Joe considers the best way to break bad news to the ASM staff. Marginalized once again by Larry, Charles decides to take matters into his own hands.

Ricky Leaks Sep 3, 2017

Spencer finds himself in damage-control mode after an incident involving Ricky and a brash high-schooler. Excited over a possible plum job, Charles bristles at Julie's lack of disclosure at work. Looking to reduce Vernon's suspension, Reggie impresses Candace at the league office. Spencer and Joe find themselves at odds with Anderson over ASM's future.

I Hate New York Aug 27, 2017

Spencer, Joe and Mr. Anderson head north in search of financing for a Las Vegas stadium; Larry tests the limits of Charles' loyalty and patience; Ricky gets a sobering diagnosis and presses Jason to close a deal.

Make Believe Aug 20, 2017

Wayne Hastings reveals he doesn't plan to finance the Vegas deal, he just wants to be the face of it. Spencer and Joe scramble to put together a convincing sales pitch to attract new investors. Charles tries to reconcile Coach Berg and Siefert over a home-cooked deal, prepared by Julie, but neither man is looking to make up. Joe tests out an advanced new Virtual Reality technology and is excited by its potential. He recommends Vernon invest in it instead of risking his career on cannabinoids. Candace Brewer still isn't pleased with Spencer and his plans for Las Vegas. She pressures Spencer into reconsidering his stadium deal by placing additional scrutiny on his clients, starting with an unannounced drug test for Vernon.

Ride and Die Aug 13, 2017

Desperate to score a key owner's blessing to bring pro football to Vegas, Spencer and Joe find themselves in a race against the clock involving a pair of equally critical meetings. Spurned by his new teammates, Ricky stages his own private workout, and finds roses aren't enough to appease an angry Amber. Vernon looks for a second chance; tensions between Charles and Larry escalate after a tryout for Kisan.

In the Teeth Aug 6, 2017

Spencer encounters resistance in LA and Oakland to his Vegas expansion initiative. Joe takes a detour with Reggie; Jason blasts Kisan for his lack of transparency; Charles bristles over Larry's failure to give him credit for a lineman he landed; Ricky jumps to conclusions.

Bull Rush Jul 30, 2017

In Las Vegas on business, Spencer gets reacquainted with Chloe, an old flame now working for Wayne, while Ricky challenges the odds in a game of dice. Set up by Joe to represent top running back Kisan, Jason ends up sweating it out in a tough neighborhood. Charles gets a public-speaking primer from Julie; Vernon and Reggie make a risky endorsement deal.

Seeds of Expansion Jul 23, 2017

Looking to score high-profile clients to pay off his debts to Ricky and Vernon, Spencer hits a roadblock with Mr. Anderson, who wants to focus on the Las Vegas market by partnering with casino magnate Wayne Hastings, Jr.. Ricky ponders fatherhood; Vernon and Reggie eye an edgy endorsement; Larry makes Charles the face of bad news at a team press conference.

Game Day Sep 25, 2016

Spencer makes a last-ditch effort to get back what he's lost. Ricky awaits a call that could define his future. Vernon takes a road trip. Siefert offers Charles a big opportunity, but it comes at a cost.

Million Bucks in a Bag Sep 18, 2016

Andre makes Spencer a surprising offer. Ricky considers where to build his legacy. Vernon pushes himself harder to get back on the field. Charles' busy schedule puts him at odds with Julie.

Laying in the Weeds Sep 11, 2016

Spencer's Draft Day party finds him trying to keep a lid on the firm's private affairs. Meanwhile, Charles and Ricky have a major disagreement; and Travis wonders how bright his future will be.

Everybody Knows Aug 28, 2016

Spencer scrambles to stay ahead after Andre makes a surprise visit to the office. Joe discovers the skeletons in his partner's closet. Ricky tries to make amends with Dennis, as Charles plots to keep Ricky in Miami. Travis confides in Spencer during a talk-show appearance.

Saturdaze Aug 21, 2016

Spencer attempts to broker peace between Travis and a critic. Struggling to adjust to his new role on the team, Charles is tasked with delivering bad news. Joe encounters Andre one-on-one. Still torn about his future, Ricky is thrown for a loop when Dennis decides to have more of a voice in his life.

Most Guys Aug 14, 2016

Spencer tries to mentor Travis while dodging unwelcome medical news and the ghosts of his financial past. Attempting to cheer up Vernon, Reggie and Joe buy a wild gift. Ricky encourages Charles to stand up for himself; later, he gets advice on a big career decision after running into a face from the past.

World of Hurt Aug 7, 2016

Spencer and Joe search for Andre's weakness, while Vernon anxiously awaits news. Jason faces an uphill battle as he woos a client. Ricky tries to understand his dad. Charles gets the real deal from Siefert.

Elidee Jul 31, 2016

Spencer advises a reluctant Vernon to stay quiet when the truth behind his injury threatens his career. Trying to stave off Andre's attacks on their business, Spencer and Joe butt heads over how best to advise a client. Charles worries whether he's up for a challenge. A hard-to-impress Ricky takes a trip to tour a potential new home.

Enter the Temple Jul 24, 2016

Spencer makes a play to poach a big client from Andre, his business rival, while struggling to find a quick fix for his physical ailments. Ricky considers where to head to next. Reggie fights for what he believes Vernon owes him. Feeling underpaid and undervalued, Tracy takes a stand with her boss. Charles gets insights from his coach.

Face of the Franchise Jul 17, 2016

Convinced to appear on a talk show, Spencer ends up facing off with an old adversary, which puts his company and reputation in jeopardy. A reformed Ricky gets bad news in advance of his 30th birthday party. Charles relishes his new status as a fan favorite, but may face changes on the field.

Flamingos Aug 23, 2015

Spencer faces a major decision when Joe tries to sell him on a new start. Ricky is confronted by his dad. Charles gets a second chance. Jason and Spencer look to talk sense into Vernon.

Head-On Aug 16, 2015

Spencer tries to make amends. Joe feels slighted when he's overlooked at work. Charles gets some life-changing news. Bella challenges Ricky to grow up. Vernon goes MIA after learning some truths about Reggie.

Gaslighting Aug 9, 2015

Spencer is forced to face up to his past to try to save Vernon, while Joe makes a very permanent commitment to his future. Charles puts his football skills to work at the car dealership. Ricky shells out the big bucks to win back Bella.

Ends Aug 2, 2015

Spencer decides to take the hit for Vernon, but finds himself in even deeper trouble. Julie and Bella commiserate over their men, while Ricky lashes out. Jason is unsettled by his mother's new boyfriend. Spencer and Charles say goodbye to Rodney, and reflect on their love of the game.

Everything is Everything Jul 26, 2015

Charles decides to be selfish for a change, while Joe negotiates with Maximo. When Ricky's off-field activities are exposed by the press, he's forced to open up in order to save his career. Spencer decides to face his fears after he's confronted by Tracy.

Machete Charge Jul 19, 2015

Ricky tries to find common ground with Alonzo. Charles' marriage is put to the test. Spencer and Joe step in to help Vernon with a crisis.

Heads Will Roll Jul 12, 2015

Facing pressure from Tracy, Spencer pays a visit to a neurologist. Charles is pursued by a woman he met the night before, while Joe breaks the rules to bag a big client. Ricky, facing more trouble, finds himself a mantra. After Reggie tries to hijack Vernon's re-negotiation, Spencer takes a stand.

Move the Chains Jul 5, 2015

Hoping to attract new clients, Spencer and Joe hold a corporate event on a yacht. In their fight over Vernon, Spencer and Reggie's rivalry hits the boiling point. Bored by retirement, Charles lets loose for a night. Ricky learns his beef with his teammate, Alonzo, may be due to an unsavory connection.

Raise Up Jun 28, 2015

A cash-strapped Spencer struggles to close a deal when Vernon's best friend, Reggie, refuses to step aside, while Jason works hard to renegotiate for his client. On his first day of workouts, Ricky finds that not all his new teammates are friendly. At his new job, Charles finds it hard to keep his mind off the game. At a brunch to talk business, Spencer counsels Vernon to learn from his mistakes.

Pilot Jun 21, 2015

After the unexpected demise of a friend and former teammate, retired football superstar Spencer ramps up his efforts to build a post-football career in Miami, and feels pressure from Joe, his boss at a financial firm, to "monetize his friendships." Meanwhile, recently retired player Charles, copes with the realities of finding a new job. Talented wide receiver Ricky is forced to put his pride aside to find a new home. Vernon, a player on the rise, finds himself in a tight spot and reaches out to Spencer for help.