Genres: Comedy, Romance
Status: Canceled
Station: BBC Two
Latest Episode: 8/4/2016
Created by: Elliott Kerrigan
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Basic info and plot

Boy Meets Girl is a new British sitcom that tells the story of the developing relationship between an older woman and a younger man. The six-episode series debuted on BBC Two on September 3, 2015, and its second series premiered on July 6, 2016.

Starring Rebecca Root as 40-year old Judy and Harry Hepple as 26-year old Leo, Boy Meets Girl is a comedy that portrays a romance between two transgender people. Dubbed ‘groundbreaking’ for its portrayal of an unconventional relationship, the series is also the first to to feature a transgender leading actor (Rebecca Root). In series 1, the viewers are introduced to Leo, who is generally unlucky in love, as he meets a mysterious older woman named Judy, who turns out to be transgender. A romantic comedy at heart, it’s essentially a story about how two people from very different backgrounds find themselves entangled in lust and in love. In addition to the two main characters, the series features strong supporting roles that are pivotal to the central storyline. Judy’s mother Peggy (played by Janine Duvitski) and Leo’s mother Pam (played by Denise Welch) round out the cast of the show.

Current season and viewer reception

The current second series features Judy and Leo continuing to plan their future together, while staying at Peggy's. Not much privacy could be expected with Jackie around, but that's not the couple's biggest trouble. Peggy faces serious health issues and Leo receives a job offer that's hard to refuse – that's when their relationship experiences a major challenge.

Following a successful screening of the pilot episode in March 2014, the series was commissioned for six half-hour episodes, and was renewed for a second series. The lighthearted yet thoughtful take on some very challenging issues was received very well by both viewers and critics, and the renewal was expected and well-deserved. Co-written by Simon Carlyle and Andrew Mettam, the series is filmed in Newcastle. So far, BBC Two has made no formal announcements regarding the show’s renewal for series 3.

Latest news

UPDATED September 30, 2016: BBC Two’s sitcom Boy Meets Girl has come to an abrupt and, according to the creators and the fans, untimely end – the network has announced the cancelation of the romantic comedy series after just two installments, which might not have allowed it to blossom fully. In any case, there will not be a third series, at least not on BBC Two. Please stay tuned, and we’ll inform you if the show manages to find a new home.


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Name Air Dates
Episode 6 Aug 4, 2016

On the night before the wedding, Peggy's boiler bursts. It's a disaster! But Pam comes to the rescue, insisting that the Arkleys move in with the MacDonalds for the night. Pam soon regrets her generous offer though when Jackie and Peggy make themselves a little too much at home.

The following morning all seems well until a freak accident results in a seething Pam stuck in A&E, a distraught Peggy locked in a bathroom and a desperate Leo waiting at the church for his absent bride. Is this the end of the road for the happy couple?

Episode 5 Aug 3, 2016

Tony and Pam fear that the stag and hen parties, organized by James and Jackie respectively, may not be very classy affairs.

James' Polish trip doesn't go entirely according to plan - while Judy's hen night gets hijacked by a petty (and surprisingly messy) row between Pam and Anji. It's a night full of surprises, especially when James can't resist blabbing about a recent sexual encounter.

Episode 4 Jul 27, 2016

The search is on for the perfect wedding venue. Leo and Judy are still mulling over ideas but barely find time to discuss them as their families are far too keen to help. Pam goes to tremendous lengths to convince them to hold the reception at a very smart hotel but is made to see sense before she bankrupts the family for life.

Peggy's baking paraphernalia comes to the fore when a baffled Dean requires another tutorial in trans matters. Tony and James, meanwhile, are put through their paces in the gym by Charlie, who has been given strict instructions by Pam to get Tony in shape for the wedding.

Episode 3 Jul 20, 2016

Pam invites Peggy over for dinner now that they are 'virtually in-laws', with the catering to be provided by Tony's cafe. James, however, is distracted when Anji presents him with some life-changing news and Tony finds himself having to improvise a rather more modest repast.

When Charlie gets thrown out of his lodgings, Pam plays trans-Samaritan and offers him Leo's room. Judy and Leo go on a double date with Jackie and Dean... and Charlie. If Dean had a ton of questions to ask about Judy, he has a whole lot more when he discovers that Charlie is trans too.

Episode 2 Jul 13, 2016

Tony prepares for his cafe's soft opening but experiences serious teething problems, all of which are exacerbated by his unpredictable sous-chef, James. Leo and Judy have resolved to keep their engagement a secret but once Pam gets wind of it, how long will it be before it is public news?

Peggy and Jackie decide to give Dean a tutorial in transgender issues, as this is a brand new subject for the pest controller and he is seriously out of his depth. Meantime, Judy and Leo visit Trans North where they meet a boisterous young lad, Charlie, who has recently transitioned and is struggling with the politics of dating. The two families convene for the opening of Tasty Tony's.

Episode 1 Jul 6, 2016

Leo and Judy are living together happily at Peggy's house. However, when Leo receives an enticing job offer - at the same time that Peggy starts experiencing some worrying health issues - their relationship faces a major challenge and there are big questions to be resolved.

Anji is alarmed to find that the salon has issues with rats but Jackie turns the situation to her advantage when she hooks up with the pest controller. Tony is finding Pam's new enthusiasm for all things trans a bit exhausting but in the meantime, he cooks up a plan to use his redundancy money to start a new business venture. James has a surprising romantic encounter and is even more surprised to find that he might, finally, be joining the workforce.

Episode 6 Oct 8, 2015

It is Judy's fortieth birthday and the day of the not very surprise party. Pam is not happy when she learns the truth about Judy.

Episode 5 Oct 1, 2015

Geoff has promised to give Leo a try-out as a salesman at his car showroom. Tony is ill, but Pam is unsympathetic and leaves him in James's care. Having coerced Leo into agreeing that she can use his family's house for Judy's surprise party, Peggy arrives at the MacDonalds' 'to see what she's working with' and, hearing that Tony is unwell, appoints herself as chief nurse. James discovers that Tony has been reading up about transsexuals and assumes this means that his dad is gearing up to transition himself.

Episode 4 Sep 24, 2015

Tonight's the night! Judy and Leo plan to spend their first night together as Tony and Pam are away for the night and Leo has conspired to get James out of the house too. Romance soon drops off the agenda though as Leo loses his nerve when confronted with hard evidence of Judy's former life.

Episode 3 Sep 17, 2015

Leo and Judy view some provocative photographs at an art gallery which prompt Leo to quiz Judy about what exactly was involved when she transitioned. Meanwhile, Peggy and Jackie pop in to visit Pam at the hair salon and decide to make a day of it.

Episode 2 Sep 10, 2015

Leo and Judy are looking forward to a low-key Sunday lunch at the Nelson but their plans are thwarted when both of their families turn up at the pub and hijack their date.

Episode 1 Sep 3, 2015

Leo has been sacked from his job, but things start to look up when he falls into conversation with a beguiling older woman on a night out.

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