Status: not renewed yet
Station: Nat Geo Wild
Latest Episode: 3/10/2017


"Cesar 911 Season 6 is yet to be announced by Nat Geo Wild"

Are you a fan of the incredible Cesar Millan and his remarkable ability to communicate with our four-legged friends? If so, then I have some wonderful news for you! The highly anticipated Season 6 of "Cesar 911" is on the horizon, and we couldn't be more excited. Get ready to witness Cesar's unparalleled expertise as he continues to help troubled dogs and their owners overcome their challenges. So, let's delve into the exhilarating world of "Cesar 911" and discover what this upcoming season might have in store for us!


Unleashing Solutions: Cesar Millan Returns to Nat Geo Wild"

Since its premiere, "Cesar 911" has won the hearts of millions, captivating audiences with its unique approach to dog training and rehabilitation. The show follows the incomparable Cesar Millan as he solves complex behavioral issues exhibited by our furry companions. With his extensive knowledge, empathy, and genuine love for dogs, Cesar has become a beacon of hope for countless pet owners facing difficult situations.

Fans eagerly await the announcement of "Cesar 911 Season 6" by Nat Geo Wild, hoping for yet another enthralling installment. It's not just the mesmerizing training techniques that viewers are excited about, but also the incredible transformations that occur within both dogs and their owners. Every episode is a testament to the unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved pets, and the power of understanding and compassion.

"Predictions and Expectations for Season 6"

As we eagerly await the announcement of Season 6, let's speculate on what we can expect from Cesar Millan and his team of experts. Will we witness more heartwarming success stories of troubled dogs finding their way back to happiness? Perhaps Cesar will delve into new and intriguing challenges, pushing the boundaries of his expertise even further. One thing is for certain; "Cesar 911 Season 6" promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, filled with inspiration, laughter, and, of course, plenty of adorable dogs!

"Stay Tuned for More Cesar Magic!"

As we embrace the anticipation of "Cesar 911 Season 6," let's cherish the memorable moments from previous seasons that have touched our hearts. Whether it's a dog overcoming fear and anxiety or an owner gaining confidence and understanding, each episode of "Cesar 911" leaves an indelible mark on our souls. So, grab a bowl of popcorn, gather your four-legged friends, and prepare yourself for the exciting announcement that will have tails wagging across the globe. Cesar Millan is ready to unleash his magic once again, and we couldn't be more thrilled to join him on this incredible journey!


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Name Air Dates
Bad for Business Mar 10, 2017

Cesar Millan helps some of the most unruly workplace canines.

Homewreckers Mar 3, 2017

Cesar Millan comes face-to-face with canine chaos that tears at the fabric of household harmony.

Izzy in a Tizzy Sep 23, 2016

Cesar's first call is from Aurora, who tells Cesar that her granddaughter Yolanda's dog Izzy has made her fearful to live in her own home. Cesar then responds to a call from Sandy, whose friend Marianne has a shepherd-mix named Bear who's aggressive towards other dogs. This is a problem for Marianne because she lives in a small town in the foothills of Los Angeles that is extremely dog-friendly.

Ay Chihuahua! Sep 16, 2016

Cesar's first call comes from Jason, who is struggling to spend time with his twin brother because his German Shepard, Rusty is driving them apart. Then he helps Ivan, who lives with his girlfriend Amber and her sister Ashley and a pack of three Chihuahua's who are disrupting the house and creating anxiety for Ivan. Cesar helps the three dog owners conquer their barking problem by creating boundaries.

Rocky Road Sep 9, 2016

Jolene's German Shepherd mix Rocky is extremely aggressive toward her mother, so Cesar takes Rocky to the Dog Psychology Center for intensive behavioral training. Sandra is concerned that her daughter and her husband are having trouble handling their Viszla puppy named Whiskey, since they also have two young children. Cesar shows the family how to properly train Whiskey and subdue his excitement.

Big Bad Buddy Sep 2, 2016

Leslie has a golden lab named Buddy that is terrorizing her grandson, Mason. Cesar helps Mason get over his fear and shows him all the behaviors that are creating anxiety in Buddy. Meanwhile, Andrea and Erica, who are fed up with their roommate Sarah's dog Mose, decide that it is time to calm him down and show him that Sarah is the leader of the pack.

For the Love of Leon Aug 26, 2016

Cesar receives a call from two women who are concerned that their friend can't control her adopted Golden Retriever-Chow mix Leon. Cesar can tell that Leon's owner is contributing to his anxiety and aggression, so he arranges to work with Leon at the Dog Psychology Center. Cesar begins a step-by-step rehabilitation of Leon, and teaches the owner how to be a pack leader.

Baby and the Beast Aug 19, 2016

Cesar is in Singapore, where he's been called to deal with an out of control dog named Elffy. Elffy's owner is eight months pregnant, and her family fears Elffy could seriously harm her or the newborn baby. She's already been bitten multiple times by Elffy and has the scars to prove it. If Cesar can't fix Elffy, her family says she has to get rid of the dog before the baby is born.

Yoshi's Castle Aug 12, 2016

Cesar is in Singapore working with a fearsome dog named Yoshi. After Yoshi attacked a dog in the community dog park, his owners have kept him locked in their apartment for the past year. Cesar arranges for the owners to let Yoshi out of the apartment for the first time in a year, and he promptly tries to attack. Cesar realizes Yoshi has never had a pack leader to teach him how to behave.

Duk Duk & Cover Aug 5, 2016

Cesar is confronted with a one-eyed rescue mutt, Duk Duk, who is so distrustful of humans, that he attacks out of fear. He has bitten his owner, her mother and her father. He now needs surgery on his leg, but the owner can't get him into the car. Cesar has his hands full and is even willing take a painful bite to teach Duk Duk to stop attacking humans and get the leg surgery he desperately needs.

Hard Target Jul 29, 2016

Cesar works with Target, a terrier/Chihuahua mix named that lashes out due to tense behavior. He then tries to help Murphy, a rambunctious Golden Doodle with a dangerous habit of eating socks.

The Biggest Loser Jul 22, 2016

Cesar helps Krystal and Anthony, whose athletic Vizsla mix Tic Tac threatens to get them kicked out of their home in the marina, and Evan, whose German Shepherd mix is creating havoc with his motorcycle buddies.

The Trouble with Truffle Jul 15, 2016

Cesar helps a shih tzu/Pomeranian named Truffles who, despite being physically adorable, barks and nips at anyone who gets too close. Cesar then works with Tiara, whose boss's Chihuahua mix John Henry is wreaking havoc at her workplace — a good-hearted business that helps developmentally disabled adults find volunteer work in their communities.

Panic Attack Apr 22, 2016

Cesar helps a German shepherd, Ovechkin, who terrorizes a family and has them living like prisoners in their own home. Cesar confronts the aggressive dog and is attacked himself. He utilizes members of his own pack to make Ovechkin less territorial. Once Ovechkin is rehabilitated, Cesar reunites him with the owner but learns she is still too weak to control her dog.

Pit Bulls on Parole Apr 1, 2016

Cesar works with a couple who are concerned that their daughter's pit bull, Luna, has become a menace to the family. He then works with a makeup artist and hairstylist whose Sheltie, Belle, barks constantly whenever she picks up a blow-dryer, curling iron, or other small appliance, preventing her from having clients come to her home.

House Arrest Mar 25, 2016

Cesar meets a golden retriever, Captain, who's ruining his owner's retirement, and works with a couple who can't manage their Terrier mix, Roxy.

The Escape Artist Mar 18, 2016

Cesar meets pit bull mix Ivy, an escape artist who gets out of harnesses and jumps over the double walls of their house when triggered by loud noises.

Three Headed Monster Mar 11, 2016

Cesar works with an aggressive Afghan Kuchi and a couple struggling with three large dogs.

The Goat Slayer Mar 4, 2016

A family has a pug who is attacking both them and their other dogs; a ranch family's rottweiler mix is killing their livestock.

Simon Strikes Again Feb 26, 2016

It's Cesar to the rescue of a good-hearted woman whose dog fostering operation is threatened by her aggressive French bulldog/Terrier mix, and a couple whose marriage is under attack by their adorable Tibetan terrier.

The Seinfeld Episode Feb 19, 2016

Cesar helps legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld get better control of his two dachshunds, and an entire dog-loving community to welcome a troubled terrier mix into the fold.

Nani Nightmare May 15, 2015

Cesar helps Joe, whose daughter Sydney has an aggressive pit bull that attacks other dogs. Joe is not only worried that Nani will fatally harm another dog, but that Sydney will try to stop an attack and get caught in the crossfire.

Holly's Terror May 8, 2015

Cesar confronts two women who unwittingly have been triggering aggression in their dogs. Terrier Lexie Jane is the most high-strung hiker in Runyon Canyon, and Rosa, a loving therapy dog, is vicious to other dogs.

Not So Gentle Giant May 1, 2015

Cesar aids Leslie and her son, Si. Their rescued Great Dane, Junior, has became aggressive. Without Cesar's help, the dog could be euthanized. Then he helps sisters, Taylor and Morgan. Taylor's Maltese, Chloe, growls and bites Morgan any chance she gets.

Aggressive Little Monsters Apr 24, 2015

Cesar struggles with two dog park disasters – an ankle-biting monster named Isaboo, and a bulldog bully named Bella.

Twice Bitten Apr 17, 2015

Cesar takes on an aggressive Weimaraner who bit a neighbor and her dog, and is close to being taken away by Animal Control and put down.

Raging Pit Bull Apr 10, 2015

Cesar rushes to the rescue of two dog-aggressive canines: Roxy, the Washington family's beloved pit bull, and Caper, a rascally terrier.

Devil or Saint? Apr 3, 2015

Cesar struggles to train two aggressive St. Bernards that their owner can't control, and a poodle that is ruining a 20-year friendship.

Tasi the Terrible Mar 27, 2015

Tasi is out of control and aggressive toward everything. She's also in danger of being put down unless Cesar can help her owners to rehabilitate her. Next, he drops in on Ebbie Lou, a miniature schnauzer that's about to be banished from doggy daycare because of her disruptive, exited energy. Can Cesar calm this canine and get her a reprieve?

S.O.S! Mar 20, 2015

Cesar helps a mother whose Wire Fox Terrier is causing her kids anxiety, and a couple whose Blue Heeler can't escape his killer instinct.

Caged and Confused Mar 13, 2015

Dr. Claude Lessard is a hospital veterinarian whose own pit bull, Opal, is in need of urgent care.

Kicked to the Curb Mar 6, 2015

Cesar takes on an aggressive German shepherd whose owner has been banned from his own family functions and a couple whose toy dogs could get them evicted from their apartment complex.

Loaded Gunny Feb 27, 2015

Cesar is called to train an aggressive bulldog who's bitten a couple's son three times and brought their marriage to the brink of divorce.

Neighborhood Bully Apr 11, 2014

Whistleblower Arturo is fed up with his neighbors Jim and Sam's powerful American bulldog/boxer mix, Matilda, attacking dogs in the neighborhood. Cesar witnesses Arturo's own springer spaniel, Coco, get attacked by Matilda and realizes immediate action is necessary. He invites them to his Dog Psychology Center to further rehabilitate Matilda and train Jim and Sam to be better pack leaders.

Cesar's next call comes from whistleblower Rose, who is extremely concerned for her friends Diana and Joe's dog, Tosha, who attacked Rose so severely that the bites left her arm scarred. Cesar determines that Tosha is acting as Diana's "bodyguard," which is dangerous and may lead her to attack again. Cesar meets with Joe and Diana at his home training annex and shows the couple how to keep Tosha calm and submissive when meeting new people so she won't attack again.

Ripped Apart Apr 4, 2014

Whistleblower Brent is desperate for help with his aggressive pit bull, Titan, who is destroying his relationship with girlfriend, Aileen, who saved Titan from the side of the road. Cesar is concerned that the couple are not compatible owners for the dog. He works with Titan and learns he is capable of socializing with other dogs but is anxious and excited, feeding off of his owners' energy. With so much tension under one roof, is there enough room left to heal all of the problems?

Next, Cesar meets whistleblower Debbie and a group of dog owners who are deeply concerned about their good friend Marilyn's aggressive Italian mastiff mix, Cupid. Cupid began attacking other dogs at the park after Marilyn recovered from a fight against cancer. If Cupid gets in one more fight, he will be banned from the dog park, a devastating blow to Marilyn, who finds it to be a place of friendship and healing. Cesar is amazed by all the love and compassion, and is ready to help Marilyn and Cupid get their park on!

Attack Dogs Mar 28, 2014

On the rough streets of East Los Angeles, a college football coach has recruited Cesar to help tackle a major problem. Coach Steven is concerned that the future of one of his star football players, Steve, is at risk from his aggressive rottweiler, Shadow. Shadow has attacked two dogs in the neighborhood and Coach Steven is afraid that if the dog attacks again, Steve could be held responsible. Cesar jumps in and shows Steve how to keep the dog out of an excited state and how to safely socialize Shadow around other dogs.

Cesar then meets up with Eric, who wants help for his brother Kevin's Doberman pinscher, Bowerman. Kevin and his girlfriend Lily's active lifestyle is being torn apart by the needy, aggressive dog that attacks anything and everything on wheels. Can Cesar help Kevin and Lily control Bowerman so they can go for bicycle rides again?

Dog Fight Mar 21, 2014

In the hills above Sherman Oaks, California, whistleblower Josh needs Cesar's help with his neighbors Lilly and Nadav, who have no control over their aggressive boxers Chip and Mocha, who terrorize their neighborhood and have attacked at least 15 other dogs. Lilly and Nadav quickly assert their fears about Mocha, who they consider to be a "silent killer" and the more dangerous of the pair. Cesar isn't sure about their assessment of which dog is more dangerous — and will he be able to rehabilitate Chip at all?

Next, Cesar meets with whistleblower Lorraine, a dance instructor who is greatly concerned for her business partner Stefanie's fearful and aggressive Chihuahua, Nuts. Cesar observes Nuts in Stefanie's arms, trying to bite every student who signs in. He invites Stefanie and her husband to his home training annex where he teaches them how to create boundaries for Nuts. Will they learn the right moves so they can two-step away with a calmer, happier pet?

Boss with a Bark Mar 14, 2014

Cesar travels to Long Beach, California, where whistleblowers Lori Jo and Patti are fed up with their boss Takis' three unruly bichons frisés, collectively named the "Moos." Their disruptive behavior threatens the business, Frisco's Bar and Grill, as well as their boss's home life. They bark obsessively, knock over trash cans and honk the restaurant delivery truck's horn for attention. Even Takis' wife, Joanne, has had enough of the unruly Moos, but Takis doesn't see anything wrong with their uncontrollable behavior. In order to rehabilitate the Moos, Cesar will have to re-train Takis — but will he be able to take Cesar's advice so that his beloved dogs won't destroy his business and his marriage?

Cesar then heads to the Freedom Writers Foundation to meet whistleblowers Tiffony and Sue Ellen, whose workplace is being disrupted by their boss's 140-pound Labrador retriever, Beau. Their boss, Erin Gruwell (also known as "Ms. G.") teaches at-risk youth and her work was featured in a major motion picture, but she can't seem to change bad boy Beau's behavior. He barks constantly, steals food, brings dead animals in from outside, and is aggressive toward anyone in a hoodie, causing everyone at Freedom Writers to constantly be on "Beau Watch." Cesar concludes that Beau is a dominant dog who feels the need to protect his environment, but will he be able to help Erin so that she can write a new chapter for her and her Beau?

Family Feud Mar 7, 2014

Orange County whistleblower Debi alerts Cesar to her neighbors, the Dong family, who are afraid of their first family dog — a black Lab mix named Misty, who has bitten every member of the household. Debi and other neighbors have suggested the Dongs do the unthinkable: have Misty put down. Cesar immediately notices that she is showing signs of insecurity and, after working with the family, suggests taking her to his Dog Psychology Center to help her build confidence around his pack. Will Misty return home a changed dog for her human pack?

Cesar's next stop takes him to whistleblower Brad, who is having major trouble with his sister Nicole's Shiba Inu mix, Auggie, who constantly attacks Brad's dog, Kimo, whenever the family is together. Cesar teaches Brad and Nicole about giving dogs boundaries as well as personal space, and points out that their nervous energy leads to aggression in their dogs. But can he overcome the real obstacle: Nicole's fear that Auggie will go on the attack?

To the Rescue! Apr 16, 2016

Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan comes to the rescue of an aggressive German Shepard, an out-of-control terrier, and a duo of barking lap dogs.

Cesar Millan: Viva Las Vegas! Feb 20, 2015

Watch as Cesar conveys his experience and philosophy to an audience at the Palms Casino Resort with all of his energy and humor, and share in the excitement as he brings balance and harmony to people and their dogs.