Genres: Romance
Status: not renewed yet
Station: MTV
Latest Episode: 4/27/2023
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Ex on the Beach is the American version of the British reality television show of the same name.


Exciting News: Ex on the Beach US Season 7 is Yet to be Announced by MTV!

If you are a fan of thrilling reality TV shows packed with drama, twists, and unexpected surprises, then you must have heard about the hit series "Ex on the Beach US." Brace yourself for some exciting news, as MTV has us all eagerly waiting for the official announcement of Season 7! Get ready to delve into a world where exes clash, hearts are broken, and unexpected alliances are formed. So let's dive into the details and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

An Explosive Journey Begins:

Get ready to witness the electrifying drama unfold as "Ex on the Beach US" Season 7 is yet to be announced by MTV. This addictive reality series takes a group of sexy and single reality stars and throws them onto a picturesque beach paradise. But here's the twist that sets hearts racing - their exes are brought in one by one to stir up the ultimate chaos. Sparks fly, emotions run high, and the drama is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Each season of "Ex on the Beach US" introduces a fresh cast of familiar faces from various reality TV shows. From fiery arguments to passionate romances, the show is a whirlwind of emotions. With each new season, the producers have upped the ante, leaving viewers anxiously waiting for the next explosive installment. Who will find love? Who will be left heartbroken? We can't wait to find out!

The Anticipation Builds:

As fans eagerly anticipate the announcement of "Ex on the Beach US" Season 7, speculations are running wild. Will MTV bring back fan-favorites from previous seasons? Or will they introduce a completely new cast with even bigger personalities and more explosive dynamics? One thing is for sure - the anticipation is at an all-time high!

The show's loyal fanbase is buzzing with excitement, discussing their favorite moments, making predictions, and eagerly waiting for the official announcement. The show's popularity has skyrocketed, attracting viewers who enjoy the perfect blend of drama, romance, and betrayal. With each passing season, "Ex on the Beach US" has managed to keep its loyal audience hooked, eagerly awaiting the next jaw-dropping twist.

As the wait for the announcement of "Ex on the Beach US" Season 7 continues, fans are on the edge of their seats, speculating about the cast, the location, and the potential drama that awaits. MTV has undoubtedly struck gold with this addictive reality series, which has managed to captivate audiences worldwide. So buckle up and get ready for another season packed with thrilling moments, unexpected encounters, and heart-stopping emotions. Stay tuned for the official announcement, because "Ex on the Beach US" is about to take us on another unforgettable journey!


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Name Air Dates
Now or Never Apr 27, 2023

With the proposal ceremony on the horizon, the disconnect between Lola and Sorinn widens, and the other couples struggle to figure out if they'll stick together or break up.

This Is What Heartbreak Feels Like Apr 27, 2023

One couple sends shock waves through the villa when they reach a breaking point, and Sorinn and Lola face hard truths about their relationship priorities at the final reflection ceremony.

Reunited Doesn't Feel So Good Apr 13, 2023

Spari's relationship with Shayla is pushed to the brink when Spari takes sides in villa drama; a conversation with Kamie has Thailah questioning her relationship with Jamie.

Call Me By My Name Apr 6, 2023

One couple calls it quits after some scandalous behavior is revealed; in an intimate moment, Thailah calls her boyfriend by her ex's name.

Burying Your Relationship Mar 30, 2023

The partners return to the villa to discover what their other haves have been up to. At the Reflection Ceremony, Leylah makes a decision about her relationship with Liam while Spari makes a shocking proposal.

More Than Just Your Ex Mar 23, 2023

When the exes relive their first dates, some people are left questioning their current relationships; Leylah struggles to stay faithful to Liam while spending time alone with her ex, Samura.

I Can Love You Better Mar 16, 2023

The partners move out of the villa, leaving the exes alone to work through their issues; a trip to the Shack forces the partners to question whether they are better off with their exes; Samura triggers an explosive argument.

We Need This Time Apart Mar 9, 2023

Kamie delivers shocking news when the couples begin phase two of their journeys to engagement; Sorinn's questionable approach to save his relationship with Lola may bring it to an end.

Hitting Rock Bottom Mar 2, 2023

Kamie takes the couples out of the villa to test their relationships by taking a literal leap of faith. Spari and Shayla's seemingly perfect relationship hits the rocks. Kamie's excursion seems to bring Lola and Sorinn closer together, but it doesn't last. Back at the villa, a game of truth or dare is all fun until Jamie disrespects Thailah in front of the whole villa. Meanwhile Pala and Holly risk it all when they are dared to do something behind Jake's back.

Secrets of the Past Feb 23, 2023

The Shack welcomes more exes into the villa threatening the couples' time in paradise; Sorinn and Lola have an explosive argument at dinner; an ex's arrival causes trouble for one couple when a secret engagement is revealed.

You're Breaking My Heart Feb 16, 2023

The couples settle into the villa, but the vacation is over when the first exes check in. Liam learns the heartbreaking reality about Leylah and her ex. The first Shack reveals some eye-opening truths and welcomes some surprise guests.

Journey to Engagement Feb 9, 2023

6 couples are ready to get engaged but there is one thing holding them back from taking that next big step… their ever-present, ever-lingering EX. Over the course of 3 phases. They will put their relationships to the test like never before. Through a series of intense challenges to their relationship and strength building exercises, the couples will decide if they can finally move on from their ex and achieve their happily ever after.

Setting Sail on a Relation-Ship Jun 16, 2022

With a final decision looming, the last Table of Truth prompts one single to end the experiment early, while the rest struggle to make a choice to commit or to say goodbye for good.

Where's The Lie? Jun 9, 2022

Derynn is sent to the Shack of Secrets where a surprise guest adds a real perspective on her relationship with Ricky. Ray's player ways catch up with him when Alexis exposes a secret. The final Table of Truth puts everyone in the hot seat.

Something Like the Truth Jun 2, 2022

Da'Vonne's in a tough spot when Alain reconnects with his ex Sher, Mike begs Arisce to forgive him for his outburst, and Joelle and Jonathan sadly realize they're not on the same page.

Exes Court Is Now in Session May 26, 2022

Ray and Alexis, Joelle and Jonathan, and Mike and Arisce appear before the Exes Court, where Judge Da'Vonne and her jurors serve them the truth about their relationships.

Ready For More Baggage? May 19, 2022

One housemate is forced to make a difficult choice, Emily tries to reconnect with Kyra, Ricky's choice of words lands him in hot water with Derynn, and two new singles arrive at the villa.

You Can't Get Divorced Twice May 12, 2022

While Kyra's former flame Emily makes a splash and Bryce juggles attention from two different Nicoles, Ranin and Elias's differences get put on blast at the poolside prom.

Seeing Is Believing May 5, 2022

Ricky's monogamous ways are tested, two messages in bottles challenge David's love triangle with Dani and Kyra, while a third message in a bottle sends Bryce and Nicole P. on a private date.

The Ex-Husband and the Best Friend Apr 28, 2022

Ray and his ex Nicole P. disagree over what their relationship was, David takes a chance on pursuing Kyra, and the housemates hone their listening skills at the Table of Truth.

Wait, That's Not an Ex Apr 21, 2022

Arisce and Mike's relationship hits rocky waters, Ricky turns on the charm for Derynn, Dani deals with David's wandering eye, and two new singles step onto the sand.

The Lengths We Go to Lie to an Ex Apr 14, 2022

A new ex arrives to see if her old flame has grown up, Caro questions everything after finding out Ray cheated on her, and everyone chooses between eating gross food or stomaching the truth.

Ain't That a Beach Apr 7, 2022

Derynn's ex Ricky washes ashore, David finds himself caught in two love triangles, and Da'Vonne gets summoned to the Shack of Secrets to piece together Jamar's past.

Can You Handle the Table of Truth? Mar 31, 2022

A new group of reality star singles arrive in Gran Canaria, where Arisce kicks off a spicy sex talk that reveals big secrets and the contestants get a dose of reality at the Table of Truth.

Say Yes to the Next Feb 27, 2020

After the Truth Ceremony leaves the chalet in disarray, couples finally decide if they're leaving with their Ex, Next, or simply alone.

Liar, Liar, Chalet on Fire Feb 20, 2020

The roommates try to pick up the pieces and work out their unresolved relationship issues before saying goodbye for the summer.

Breaking Winter Balls Feb 13, 2020

Adore is pushed to choose between her Ex and her Next, pushing one of them to spiral into a jealous fit.

Adore-able Mess Feb 6, 2020

Adore's trip to the Sauna of Secrets jeopardizes her romance with Tyler.

Don't Say Soulmate Jan 30, 2020

When a first love arrives at the Peak, the chalet's golden couple is thrown for a loop.

Mums the Word Jan 23, 2020

Georgia and Callum face their harshest critics. Marlon is caught between a rock and a hot place when an Ex arrives.

Ex-cuzzi Jan 16, 2020

A perfect date turns into a nightmare; Niall meets with serious competition for Allie's affections.

SOS, Save Our Singles Jan 9, 2020

Allie and Niall's on-again-off-again relationship leaves Allie on shaky ground.

The Bird Has Landed Jan 2, 2020

Georgia and Callum's relationship is put to the test when the Ex they dreaded the most shows up.

Boo Years Eve! Dec 26, 2019

The Sauna of Secrets uncovers a mystery for Marlon's ex. Two Singles find themselves fighting over the same Ex.

De Niall is Not Just an Ex Dec 19, 2019

Marlon catches the attention of multiple Exes; a charming surprise interrupts the Hot Date.

Caught Red Velvet Handed Dec 12, 2019

Daniel makes an awkward attempt at a love connection; the heat rises in the sauna of secrets.

Winter Un-Wonderland Dec 5, 2019

Callum and Nicole's exes cause trouble in the chalet; a love connection is made for one couple.

Welcome to the Peak Dec 5, 2019

10 Reality celebs arrive in a winter wonderland to see if they can find their Next for cuffing season. 

Reunion Oct 24, 2019

The singles and exes reunite for the very first time since the final crush ceremony.

The Final Crush Oct 17, 2019

The house must grapple with the fallout from their lie detector tests. The Singles have to make the ultimate decision.

Show Me the Receipts Oct 10, 2019

Some familiar and unfamiliar faces return to shake things up for the house.

Two for One Deal Oct 3, 2019

Coffey finds herself in the middle of a breakup; Mechie is torn between his Ex and his Next.

Thruple Trouble Sep 26, 2019

Aubrey and Mark's relationship hits the rocks; Devin has a new romance; a Crush Date is awarded.

Roses Are Red, Exes Make You Blue Sep 19, 2019

Mechie's new romance is put to the test by a new Ex; a secret relationship is revealed.

I Want It That Way Sep 12, 2019

Aubrey tries to have her cake and eat it too when it comes to her relationship with Mark and Coffey.

Coffey Run Sep 5, 2019

Cameron stands trial for crimes against his Exes. Mark and Aubrey must contend with an unexpected Ex. An Ex is sent home.

Exes Haunt These Fields Aug 29, 2019

An Ex arrives to upend a rekindled romance; Mark spices things up with Aubrey.

The Mother of All Secrets Aug 22, 2019

A visit from mom throws a wrench in one relationship; the Singles band together to send home an Ex.

This is Episode 5 But Let's Call It 6 Aug 15, 2019

Devin faces the wrath of Marie when he calls her "a six"; Billy puts the moves on Lexi.

Cam You Feel the Love Tonight Aug 6, 2019

Cameron finds himself caught between his Ex and his Next; an Ex is sent home.

I Put a Crush on You Jul 30, 2019

Kenya's player ways catch up with her when her past gets in the way.

Serving Revenge Jul 23, 2019

A surprise in the Shack of Secrets gives Mark and Elena clarity on the timeline of their relationship.

Love, Next Love Jul 16, 2019

10 Reality celebs arrive in paradise to find their next love while knowing that their exes will be crashing the party.

Reunion, Part 2 Apr 4, 2019

The drama continues in the surprise-packed Part 2 of the Ex on the Beach Reunion as the lie detector forces Morgan to admit the truth.

Reunion, Part 1 Mar 28, 2019

The singles and exes of Ex on the Beach reunite for the first time to rehash this season's biggest hookups, breakups, and betrayals.

Ex, Lies, and Polygraph Tape Mar 21, 2019

Farrah returns to find out once and for all if she is truly over her Ex.

Ex-viction Notice Mar 14, 2019

The Shack of Secrets lands a one-two punch when Angela is put in the hot seat and Nurys has to make a major house decision. The Exes face a surprise elimination.

Bad Bromance Mar 7, 2019

Angela's worst nightmare comes true when an Ex washes up on the beach. Chad deals with the consequences of Nicole's actions.

Ghost of Relationship's Past Feb 28, 2019

Nicole's jealousy is unleashed when Maddie says some unconscionable things.

How to Keep a Man 101 Feb 21, 2019

Chad and Nicole's situation is made worse when another Ex arrives to add chaos to the drama; a house party sends one Ex into another jealous meltdown.

Un-Bear-Able Feb 14, 2019

The truth about Murray's shady past finally comes to light.

Here Comes Trouble Feb 7, 2019

A rocky relationship becomes turbulent when bad girl Angela returns to the beach to stir the pot.

Revenge is Sweet Jan 31, 2019

Actions have consequences when the exes learn about the things that the singles said about them.

Low Blows Jan 24, 2019

An anticipated ex arrival ignites a battle royale when long-simmering tensions finally explode.

Jay is for Jealous Jan 17, 2019

The house celebrates Farrah's return for court; jealousy sparks a physical confrontation.

Worst Date Ever Jan 10, 2019

An unexpected surprise jeopardizes one of the strongest couples in the house.

Simon Says Jan 3, 2019

Farrah gets a big surprise in the Shack of Secrets; an ex of an ex shows up to wreak havoc on a budding romance and expose some lies; the first ex is sent home.

Being Shady 101 Dec 27, 2018

The 10th Single arrives to the house and lands right in the middle of a love triangle. Farrah rubs her housemates the wrong way. An Ex spreads a nasty rumor when hurt feelings turn to acts of revenge.

It's Paradise from Hell Dec 20, 2018

10 Reality celebs think they're on a sexy getaway but paradise turns into a nightmare when their exes start emerging from the beach (among other surprises) to ruin their good time. Will they spark old flames or open old wounds?

Can You Ever Get Over Your Ex? Jun 28, 2018

Multiple trips to the Shack of Secrets rock the house, Chase's love triangle comes to a head, and the singles choose whether to go home in a relationship or solo.

Return of All the Exes Jun 21, 2018

A game of Dare or Double Dare gets everyone riled up, and the housemates scramble to figure out their relationship statuses when the exes make an unexpected return.

You Can't Handle the Truth Jun 14, 2018

Cory and Taylor's relationship is pushed into the danger zone; a comment triggers a fight.

Monster Mode Jun 7, 2018

Jasmine is faced with a new temptation when her ex joins the house, and Alicia reaches her breaking point with Cory and Taylor.

Party Foul May 31, 2018

The newest ex to arrive is quick to stir up drama with the housemates, and the Shack of Secrets makes Lexi question her newly rekindled relationship with Paulie.

Bye Alicia, Hi Alicia May 24, 2018

Luis receives devastating news about his relationship with Victoria in the Shack of Secrets, Alicia's surprise return sets off Cory, and one of Cameron's exes arrives.

Who's Exed Next? May 17, 2018

In a surprise twist, the exes find themselves with all the power. Derrick schemes and tries to manipulate the house.

I Wanna Call You Babe May 10, 2018

Two exes are unexpectedly booted from the villa, Angela uses Derrick to get revenge on Tor'i, and the newest ex to arrive immediately draws attention from Victoria and Skyler.

Two Exes Don't Make a Right May 3, 2018

Another one of Chris's exes arrives at the villa, Cory and Taylor take a trip to the Shack of Secrets, and Tor'i and Faith get closer despite his relationship Angela.

Exed Out Apr 26, 2018

Angela learns the truth in the Shack of Secrets, Chris develops a crush on someone else's ex, Taylor finally gets closure, and the first ex is voted out of the house.

Welcome to Ex on the Beach Apr 19, 2018

Ten sexy singles arrive for a vacation in paradise, but reality sets in as they learn that their exes are joining the party, and they're forced to face unresolved issues.

Welcome to the Relations... Show Apr 12, 2018

Johnny Bananas and Natalie Negrotti introduce 10 reality stars ready for the ultimate singles' vacation in paradise, but with a surprise twist: Their exes crash the party.