Status: Canceled
Latest Episode: 4/27/2023
Created by: Maggie Friedman
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Station: Netflix
Genres: Drama, Romance

Best friends Tully and Kate support each other through good times and bad with an unbreakable bond that carries them from their teens to their 40s.


  • Season 2
  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
This Must Be the Place Apr 27, 2023

On a special day for the Mularkey family, Tully reflects on decades of work, love, grief and joy alongside her best friend. Kate faces the unknown.

Moondance Apr 27, 2023

Tully, Johnny and Marah try to find ways of coping after Kate's revelation. In the 1980s, Johnny wrestles with another piece of overwhelming news.

I Can't Go On, I'll Go On Apr 27, 2023

Kate and Johnny's loved ones gather for two very different celebrations. Tully gets tangled in a romantic dilemma, and Kate feels the weight of a secret.

Can't Fight This Feeling Apr 27, 2023

A bridal shower stirs up resentments and memories, an awkward encounter leads to a life-changing question, and a tragedy shakes teenage Kate's world.

Time After Time Apr 27, 2023

Johnny and Kate reminisce at a party about a life-changing kiss in the same newsroom, 20 years earlier. Tully gives Danny advice on his love life.

The Breast Is Yet to Come Apr 27, 2023

From bra-stuffing to breastfeeding, Kate experiences several bumps in the road on her journey from a self-conscious teen to a first-time mother.

All the World's a Stage Apr 27, 2023

Kate has often felt invisible next to Tully through the years. But amid major changes, Kate realizes she may need her best friend by her side.

Hart Shaped Box Dec 2, 2022

For the first time in decades, Kate and Tully experience a year apart — but can they handle major life events without each other?

All Apologies Dec 2, 2022

Kate learns that dealing with an ex is always tricky, no matter the decade. After years of never saying sorry, Tully struggles with accountability.

Good Riddance / Time of Your Life Dec 2, 2022

Tully attempts to face unresolved loose ends from her past. But her choices lead to a potentially unforgivable mistake that impacts Kate's life.

Reborn on the Fourth of July Dec 2, 2022

While celebrating their own freedom on Independence Day, Tully and Kate learn time and again that relying on each other may not be so bad after all.

Simple Twist of Fate Dec 2, 2022

From a double date in 1975 to Tully's search for her father in 2004, Tully and Kate attempt to take charge of their futures — but fate has other plans.

Papa Don't Preach Dec 2, 2022

As Tully's career takes off, uncomfortable encounters at work keep throwing her off track. Johnny's behavior causes concern among his loved ones.

I'm Coming Out Dec 2, 2022

A teen magazine. A political investigation. A secret message. Shocking revelations lead to major questions for Sean, Tully and Kate.

On the Road Dec 2, 2022

Over the decades and several road trips, Tully and Kate strengthen their bond and forge new relationships while occasionally testing them.

Wish You Were Here Dec 2, 2022

Trying times bring Kate and Tully together as they contend with an overbearing grandma, a pesky new intern and an ex-husband in distress.

Auld Lang Syne Feb 3, 2021

Over holidays past and present, relationships shift — and truths are spoken — as Tully and Kate reshape their expectations for what the future holds.

You Say It's Your Birthday?! Feb 3, 2021

After one of Tully's birthdays ends in disaster, Kate becomes devoted to making her friend's big day special, even if her efforts don't always succeed.

Mawaige Feb 3, 2021

Vows are made and hearts broken as Kate navigates her long-strained relationship with her brother, and Tully grapples with compromise and commitment.

Total Eclipse of the Hart Feb 3, 2021

Tully's mom disappoints her again and again, and Kate's boozy night with her best friend and their coworkers causes awkwardness, accusations and hurt.

Dirty Laundry Feb 3, 2021

The BFFs catch the attention of a school bully. Kate attempts to move on. Tully faces choices that could change her life personally and professionally.

Sweet Child O' Mine Feb 3, 2021

Tully's lie threatens the pair's friendship. Kate feels stressed over huge life changes. A treasured gift leads to a gut-wrenching goodbye.

Love is a Battlefield Feb 3, 2021

Tully and Kate weather health issues and romantic entanglements, from a college dalliance to a steamy encounter that leaves an ex hot under the collar.

Dancing Queens Feb 3, 2021

Sneaking out to a school dance, breaking a news story and enjoying a hip-shaking night on the town, Tully and Kate whirl through life together.

Oh! Sweet Something Feb 3, 2021

A traumatic assault. A hidden romance. A signed consent form. Secrets both shared and unspoken test Kate and Tully's friendship over the years.

Hello Yellow Brick Road Feb 3, 2021

Kate experiences the force of nature that is Tully when they meet as teens, at their first journalism jobs in 1982 and over a PTA crush in 2003.