Status: Canceled
Station: WE tv
Latest Episode: 8/18/2017
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This former Playboy model has graced our small screens for six successful runs already – does she still have it for a possible season 7?

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Summary and storyline

Kendra on Top is an American reality series that follows the everyday life of former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson. The show is a spinoff of another reality series that starred Kendra Wilkinson called Kendra which ran for four seasons on E! from 2009 to 2011. Kendra on Top first premiered on June 5, 2012 and has been airing on WE tv for now 6 successful installments. Season 6 premiered on June 23rd, 2017 with brand new episodes. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment, Kendra on Top is filmed in Los Angeles and features a cast of permanent personalities and guest celebrities including Caitlyn Jenner, Jaleel White, Barry Williams and Dean Cain.

Kendra gained notoriety as a former Playboy Playmate and reality television personality of another hit show — The Girls Next Door. In Kendra on Top, the series documents the activities of Kendra and her husband, Hank Baskett as they balance marriage, parenthood and their business ventures. In previous seasons, viewers followed Kendra’s recovery from a serious car accident and Hank’s transition from being an NFL football player into his new role as a businessman.


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Name Air Dates
The Parent Trapped Aug 18, 2017

Kendra's Sin City debut spins out of control when her mom and dad clash in a shocking family fiasco 20 years in the making; a surprise visitor spills Patti's shocking secret, leaving Kendra fuming.

Undressed Rehearsal Aug 11, 2017

Kendra's opening night is threatened by drama from the epic, 20-year reunion of Patti, her son, Colin and ex-husband Eric; Jessica confronts Patti about her "fame whore" claims.

Papa Don't Preach Aug 11, 2017

Kendra prepares for the worst as opening night draws near; Patti and Colin worry about an unwanted reunion with Eric and his new wife; Kendra fears her dream to reunite her family could be a big mistake.

Playdates Aug 4, 2017

Kendra fears Patti will ruin her opening night; Patti splurges on an extravagant purchase using the advance from her tell-all book; Kendra spoils her kids in Las Vegas; Patti and her publisher devise a secret plan.

Be Careful What You Wish For Aug 4, 2017

Kendra is tested at rehearsals for her Las Vegas play when they flip the script on her; Colin confronts Patti about her tell-all book; Kendra worries about opening night.

Frenemy Mine Jul 28, 2017

Kendra parties in Vegas; Patti storms out; when Kendra confronts Patti, Patti reveals she distrusts Jessica; news of Patti's tell-all book shocks Colin.

As The Page Turns Jul 28, 2017

Kendra moves to Vegas and plans a wild bachelorette party but gets a shock when her mom shows up; Patti goes behind Kendra's back and secretly writes a chapter of her tell-all book.

The Last Temptation of Patti Jul 21, 2017

Kendra and Hank welcome Patti back into their lives beginning with Alijah's birthday party; a lavish gift from grand-dude awakens a bitterness in Patti; a last temptation has Patti going back on her promise.

Forgive and Regret Jul 21, 2017

While Kendra gets revealing news about her role in a sexy Las Vegas play, Patti makes a surprise visit to see Hank; Patti must choose between fame and family.

Truce or Dare Jul 14, 2017

Kendra storms out after giving Patti an ultimatum; Patti is urged to confront Hank; Kendra meets with an acting coach to prep for her sexy new play; Patti shocks Hank when she shows up unannounced.

Patti Meltdown Jul 14, 2017

Kendra becomes enraged when her manager reveals her mom's secret -- Patti met with a publisher behind her back; Kendra races to San Diego to confront Patti; Kendra and Patti face off.

Sex Tips and the City Jul 7, 2017

Kendra becomes nervous at her NYC audition; a sexy and exciting job offer causes trouble for Kendra when she makes a big decision without Hank; Patti talks tell-all; family drama at girls' night.

Terms of Endangerment Jul 7, 2017

Kendra shares surprising news with her mom; a shocked Patti learns how Hank really feels about her; Patti keeps a secret from Kendra; Colin and Patti are at odds.

Unhappy Birthday Jun 30, 2017

Hank loses it when he finds out about Patti's tell all book threat; Patti has a secret meeting with a famous book publisher who digs for dirt on Kendra.

Publisher Perish Jun 30, 2017

Kendra keeps a secret from Hank; Patti breaks down in tears, upset by Eric's role in Kendra's life and hoping to reunite with Hank; Patti agrees to meet with a book publisher, but doesn't tell Kendra.

I Dismember Mama Jun 23, 2017

Kendra leaves boot camp fearing Patti's tell-all book threat; Hank snubs Patti; Kendra keeps a secret; Patti gets an enticing phone call from a book publisher that could make Kendra's worst fear come true.

Home Runs May 20, 2016

Eric's surprise visit forces Colin to make a decision to reunite with his father; Bridget gives Kendra a special gift.

Lust In Space May 20, 2016

Tensions run high on the set of Kendra's new music video when she is shocked by her new wardrobe; Kendra invites her brother Colin to a BBQ.

Parting Gifts May 13, 2016

Kendra says goodbye to her childhood home; Kendra hopes to reunite with Colin with his father; Eric gets emotional.

Girls Gone Army May 13, 2016

Colin contacts Kendra about coming to San Diego; Kendra is upset when Jessica invites Amy to a girl's night out.

A Bridget Too Far May 6, 2016

Kendra and Bridget Marquardt confront their public feud and discuss the upcoming reunion; Kendra meets with a psychic.

Meat the Parents May 6, 2016

Kendra and Colin have reconciled; LaVance shares information about Patti; "Girls Next Door" reunion planning.

Reunion Apr 29, 2016

Kendra faces devastating news about her Mum Mum; a reunion with Colin.

Close Quarters Apr 29, 2016

Kendra shares a beach house with her dad and Amy; Jessica gets the scoop on Amy's past.

Melbourne To Be Wild Apr 22, 2016

Kendra shoots a pilot and walks the red carpet in Australia; Hank warns LaVance about the consequences of reuniting Kendra with her brother.

Kendra Down Under Apr 22, 2016

Kendra heads to Australia for a new acting gig; Kendra questions her friendship with LaVance; Kendra makes a daring choice.

Out Of Tune Apr 15, 2016

Kendra apologizes to Jessica after their recent fight and makes her a surprising offer. Later, Kendra wonders where LaVance's loyalty lies when he pressures her to meet with her brother.

The Birthday Presence Apr 15, 2016

Kendra wonders if she has any regrets after discussing a possible "Girls Next Door" reunion. Later, Jessica interrupts Kendra and Jayde's sexy video for Hugh Hefner's 90th birthday when she accuses Kendra of being insensitive.

Facing The Music Apr 8, 2016

Kendra gets surprising information from her friend LaVance that her someone from her past wants to meet with her. Kendra is concerned that reconnecting will lead to more public outbursts and more heartbreak.

Where's The Beef? Apr 8, 2016

Kendra and Jayde question the likelihood of a Girls Next Door reunion. Kendra fears her mom's rumored tell all will damage her relationship with her dad. Kendra asks LaVance for details on her fractured family.

Snowblinded Apr 1, 2016

Kendra parties hard at Sundance and confronts rumors of her mom's tell-all; Kendra's flirting goes too far at a house party.

Return of the Jayde-Eye Apr 1, 2016

Kendra declares war when she hears rumors of her mother's tell-all book; a possible Girls Next Door reunion.

Last Rites Oct 30, 2015

Season Finale: After Kendra's Seattle trip doesn't go as planned, she heads to her father's wedding in San Diego, but when Hank is nowhere to be found, she's left wondering if her marriage has passed the point of no return.

Hankless in Seattle Oct 23, 2015

Kendra pushes Hank over the edge after partying; Hank gives Kendra an ultimatum; Kendra surprises Hank in Seattle.

Kendra's Time Out Oct 23, 2015

Kendra's wild night out with her friends takes a turn for the worse; Kendra breaks her promise to Hank.

Midsummer's Night Mare Oct 16, 2015

After a wild night at the Playboy Mansion, Kendra wonders if her dad's fiancée, Amy, is in the relationship for the wrong reasons. Amy apologizes and Kendra reluctantly gives her another chance.

Breast Intentions Oct 16, 2015

Kendra's dad, Eric, surprises the family with his new fiancée, Amy. Kendra's happy for her dad, but wary of Amy's motives. When things get wild at a Playboy Mansion party, Eric calls Kendra and Hank for help.

Tantric and Treat Oct 9, 2015

Kendra and Hank invite Jessica and Kyle over for dinner to share what they've learned at their sex retreat. Kendra takes over the kitchen and shares some fun intimacy games with her friends.

Dots Amore Oct 9, 2015

Kendra and Hank go on an intimacy retreat; and Hank questions how serious Kendra is about strengthening their marriage.

The Sexorcist Oct 2, 2015

Kendra and Hank meet a sex therapist who gives them love energy exercises that prove challenging for the competitive couple. Frustrated, Kendra threatens to walk out.

Close Encounters of the Hank Kind Oct 2, 2015

Kendra reaches out to her ex, Hugh Hefner, after Holly's scandalous accusations. In couples therapy, Kendra admits to texting other men and intimacy issues after Hank's sex scandal.

Payback is a Holly Sep 25, 2015

Kendra's public trashing in Holly Madison's book outrages her and she confronts her former house mate about accusations.

Thirty Is The New Kendra Sep 25, 2015

Kendra heats up the competition on a cooking show; Hank pulls off some big surprises for Kendra's 30th birthday.

Travails With My Aunt Sep 18, 2015

Kendra meets her long-lost aunt in NYC and gets heated; Kendra parties with Eddie and poses for some sexy photos at a gay club.

Assistant Living Sep 18, 2015

Kendra enlists the help of an old friend when she sign on for a celebrity cooking show; Kendra and Hank move forward.

Family Matters Sep 11, 2015

A visit from Hank's parents stirs up emotions in Kendra, making her question married life and her relationship with her mom. Past issues surface when Kendra considers contacting her mom.

Catty Shack Sep 11, 2015

Kendra questions if traditional married life is right for her. A therapy session leads to a tearful break down when she admits to texting other men after the scandal.

Homeward Boundage Sep 4, 2015

Kendra returns home from her solo trip to the UK after partying with an NFL player; Hank is hurt by Kendra.

A London Bridge Too Far Aug 28, 2015

Kendra continues her wild time in London; Kendra's date with singer, Jake Quickenden, and interview with Matt Edmonson.

A Hard Night's Day Aug 21, 2015

With the details of Hank's sex scandal out in the open, Kendra heads to London for work and play; a racy photo of Kendra and a former footballer hits the press.

The Missing Peace Nov 21, 2014

Kendra is dealt a low blow when her mom trashes her on social media and gives a tell-all to the tabloids. Heartbroken, Kendra turns to Hank and is ready to make a decision about the future of their marriage.

The Son-in-Law Also Rises Nov 14, 2014

Kendra returns home from Costa Rica to find that her mom is well aware of the father-daughter reunion and is not at all happy about it, so much so that she has vented to the press.

Sons of Beaches Nov 14, 2014

A nervous Hank travels to Costa Rica so that he and Little Hank can meet Kendra's dad.

Paradise Lost and Found Nov 7, 2014

After nearly 20 years, Kendra and her father, Eric, reunite in Costa Rica. Kendra feels free and never wants the moment to end. Eric takes Kendra on a tour of the island. The two arrive at his home, where Kendra gets some parental advice on how to deal with the problems in her marriage. Kendra confronts her father on why he abandoned her.

Make Room for Daddy Nov 7, 2014

After Kendra and Hank attend their first couple's therapy session, Kendra prepares for a life-changing trip to Costa Rica. After nearly 20 years of estrangement, Kendra anxiously awaits a reunion with her dad.

Apartmentalized Oct 31, 2014

Kendra speaks to her father for the first time in 20 years, and he invites her to visit him in Costa Rica, but she's unsure whether she is really ready to meet with him.

Where's Poppa? Oct 31, 2014

Kendra returns to the Playboy Mansion and visits with her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner, who talks to her about second chances and inspires her to find her father and get some answers.

The Moment of Truce Oct 24, 2014

Kendra is determined to learn why Hank won't confess the truth about his alleged affair; and after some soul-searching comes to realize her role in his silence.

Game Over Oct 24, 2014

Kendra wonders whether her marriage can be saved and lets her anger out when she confronts Hank about his alleged cheating. Also: Someone is taken to urgent care.

Girls' Night Bout Oct 17, 2014

A girls' night out turns ugly when Kendra learns of a shocking secret about Hank's alleged sex scandal, plunging her deeper into despair.

No Beef Patti Oct 17, 2014

After not speaking for a year, a visit from Kendra's mom leaves her with more questions than answers in the wake of Hank's alleged sex scandal. Kendra struggles when Hank returns from New Mexico.

Damage Control Oct 10, 2014

Fearing that she's going to lose all her endorsements, Kendra meets with her business advisers; Hank returns home and denies having cheated on Kendra, but she doesn't believe him.

Cutting The Cord Oct 10, 2014

Kendra takes baby Alijah to the pediatrician and decides to reach out to her mom, from whom she has been estranged for nearly a year.

Spilled Milk Oct 3, 2014

Kendra's marriage is on the rocks, and Jessica commiserates with her; flashbacks show Kendra and Hank in seemingly happier times when she gave birth to their daughter Alijah -- just five weeks earlier.

High Wired Nov 1, 2013

Kendra hosts The World's Biggest Bachelorette Party in Vegas. She's asked to zipline her entrance. Kendra talks about expanding the family.

Pulling the Goalie Oct 25, 2013

While Hank is away on a guys' only camping trip, Jessica accompanies Kendra at the doctor to have her IUD removed, whether Hank is on board or not!

The Confidence Game Oct 25, 2013

Kendra has an anxiety attack during a test drive. Her therapist says she fears a lack of control. Kendra takes over Jessica's Playboy shoot.

Cabin Fever Oct 18, 2013

While partying in Big Bear Hank worries Kendra isn't happy being married. Kendra and Hank are disappointed that Pat isn't as fun as he used to be.

The Big Bare Oct 18, 2013

Pat McAfee gifts Kendra and Hank a trip to Big Bear for their fourth anniversary. Pat's girlfriend, Kyle, Jessica, Travelle and his girlfriend join them.

Truce or Dare Oct 11, 2013

Kendra does her radio show tryout with Pat McAfee. Hank has a movie role that involves putting on a clown wig and acting opposite Bruce Jenner.

The Cold Wars Oct 11, 2013

Kendra meets with Playboy Radio and lands a radio show tryout. Travelle & Hank remain partners at the gym, but Hank wants to pursue bigger things.

Homeland Insecurity Oct 4, 2013

Kendra is hurt that Jessica renewed her marriage vows without her there. Hank and Kendra fight over the cancellation of Turks & Caicos.

Miami Vices Oct 4, 2013

Hank sets up a birthday trip to Miami for Kendra and her friends. Problems with the Turks & Caicos bootcamp causes a rift between Hank and Travelle.

Mum Mum's the Word Sep 27, 2013

Kendra goes to San Diego to visit her family while she waits on test results from her MRI. Hank prepares a website for bootcamp in Turks & Caicos.

Crash Course Sep 27, 2013

Kendra gets into a terrible car accident. Hank comes to her rescue. Kendra tries to come to terms with the fact she may have had a stroke.

The Ex Files Sep 20, 2013

Kendra runs into an ex at Hank's gym and she can't decide whether or not to tell Hank. "Splash" wants Kendra and Hank to do a tandem dive together.

Dangerous When Wet Sep 20, 2013

Kendra discovers "Splash" is more brutal than she imagined, challenging her fear of heights. She decides to quit the show on national TV.

Trick or Tweet Sep 13, 2013

Kendra shows up in body paint at a playboy party unbeknownst to Hank. The naked stunt draws the ire of her agent and triggers a fight with her hubby.

Picture Perfect (2) Jul 31, 2012

Kendra is forced into a showdown with an old rival and fears she is too flabby to represent her lingerie line in a photo shoot. Hank races against the clock to prepare for the opening of his new gym.

Picture Perfect (1) Jul 31, 2012

Kendra is forced into a showdown with an old rival and fears she is too flabby to represent her lingerie line in a photo shoot. Hank races against the clock to prepare for the opening of his new gym.

Homeward Rebound Jul 24, 2012

Kendra is forced to confront her troubled past on a trip home to San Diego.

Risque Business Jul 24, 2012

Kendra tests new additions to her adult accessory kit, Love Candy. Hank moves forward with his next career after Travelle reveals a new training location. Kendra pressures Hank to get a contract.

LoCash Kendra Jul 17, 2012

Kendra gets down and dirty shooting a sexy music video in Nashville; Hank is conflicted after he finds out Kendra will be mud wrestling.

Nashville or Bust Jul 17, 2012

After a week of work in New York, Kendra heads to Nashville for a music video shoot with the LoCash Cowboys. But when she learns what her role in the video will involve, things get a little "muddy."

The Empire Statement Jul 10, 2012

Kendra bombards Hank's agent with questions about NFL players' career options, embarrassing Hank. A heated debate with Hank in addition to missing Little Hank leads to an explosive night.

New York Kendra Jul 10, 2012

Kendra and Hank fly to NY for a photo shoot. Meeting up with friends, Julie and Jon, Kendra vents to Julie about Hank's career. Jon and Hank discuss leaving the NFL. Tension forms between Kendra and Hank.

Fore Play Jul 3, 2012

Kendra tees off at Hank's celebrity golf scramble to benefit lung cancer research. A few shanks and duffs later, Kendra loses it as she struggles not to ruin Hank's big day.

A Star Is Born Jun 26, 2012

After Little Hank steals the show at his first Hollywood Premiere red carpet, Kendra and Hank contemplate whether or not they should get him an agent.

Kendra Goes Back to School Jun 19, 2012

Baby Hank's ready for school, but is Kendra? The preschool process includes parental interviews, but Kendra worries she will be judged for her wild ways. Will friend Bethany calm her nerves?

Kendra Takes Miami Jun 19, 2012

Kendra takes Miami! Kendra heads to sunny Florida to promote her new book and to party with her girlfriends. Plus, Hank is offered a once in a lifetime business opportunity. What is it? And will he accept it?

Guess Who's Coming to Calabassas Jun 12, 2012

Kendra and Hank have Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends over to their home for the first time for a special dinner party.

Batteries Not Included Jun 12, 2012

Kendra researches products for her Love Candy collection, while Hank lands his first movie role.

Workin' It (2) Jun 5, 2012

Kendra wakes up late for a photo shoot, streaks and goes clubbing with her girls until three in the morning. No longer a pro-football player, Hank explores TV hosting as his next career move.

Workin' It (1) Jun 5, 2012

Kendra wakes up late for a photo shoot, streaks and goes clubbing with her girls until three in the morning. No longer a pro-football player, Hank explores TV hosting as his next career move.

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