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Latest Episode: 3/2/2023
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Tracy Tutor Maltas joins the guys at MDLLA and as the leading agent in town she’ll give these boys a run for their money

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Name Air Dates
To the Max Mar 2, 2023

Altman, Flagg and Tracy go full-on "Mad Max" as they throw a Hollywood movie-inspired party to launch a desert development in Vegas.

Flagg and Loathing in Las Vegas Feb 23, 2023

Altman, Flagg and Tracy triple-list in Vegas, which could yield high commissions; Heather confronts Altman about being left out after putting in the work to get the listing off the ground; Tracy isn't happy with Flagg's behavior.

Triple Threat Feb 16, 2023

Altman enlists Tracy and Flagg to help him tackle a new development in Vegas; the three turn to Hollywood for inspiration for an event; the trio hopes to lure mega-wealthy buyers to a barren landscape atop the hills overlooking Sin City.

Comission Omission Feb 9, 2023

There's nothing funny about Flagg and Bobby's Birchwood open, but will one of them get the last laugh? Altman and Flagg revisit the site of one of their infamous throwdowns. Tracy has some fun with one of Altman's agents.

Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do Feb 2, 2023

Sparks fly as a lingering co-list brings Flagg face to face with his ex for the first time in months. Altman may run L.A., but he's still got plenty to prove down in the OC. It's "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" as Tracy puts Juliet to work.

Rate Hikes and Date Nights Jan 26, 2023

A downturn in the market is no longer conjecture but reality, which comes as a rude awakening to Altman, Flagg and Tracy; the good news is that Flagg, at least, has a pleasant new distraction named Andrew.

The Rocky Hazen Picture Show Jan 19, 2023

Flagg and Altman team up to sell a deluxe apartment in the sky, but will the famous Barbie association help close the deal? Tracy and Heather join forces to "sell the dream" on a coveted Beverly Hills listing. Neither is as easy as it seems.

To Sell or Not to Sell Jan 12, 2023

Tracy's latest listing yields an interesting new development; Josh Altman and Heather clash after having different reactions to an unexpected offer that comes knocking on their door; Josh Flagg reveals a new mystery man in his life.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Jan 5, 2023

Tracy and Heather prove that two blondes are better than one when they score more than they bargained for after teaming up to sell a Beverly Hills home; Flagg discovers that Marilyn Monroe once called his new listing home.

A Game of Cat and House Dec 22, 2022

Tracy brings Flagg in on a deal, but will she live to regret it? Altman mentors a new broker who once took a chance on him only to find out that when the tables are turned, it can be hard to teach an old boss new tricks. Happy hour turns out to be anything but for an emotionally vulnerable Flagg.

The First Husband's Club Dec 15, 2022

Altman and Tracy go head-to-head on the sale of a historic property; Flagg continues to deal with both divorce and indecisive twins; Tracy's client, and her many cats, have fallen head over tails in love with a Diane Keaton property they must have.

Just The Three of Us Dec 8, 2022

Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Tracy Tutor collaborate and compete with one another on a whole new level; Tracy takes a wild swing on a record-setting mansion; Altman gets a second chance at a listing; Flagg opens up about his divorce from Bobby.

The One with the 7 Foot Marilyn Dec 16, 2021

In the season finale, Tracy tries to dance her way to a deal on the Skyline property. Altman aims to break Brentwood records with a property that has more bells and whistles than anyone could dream of. Fredrik brings Hollywood history to life at an open house to launch his 50-million-dollar Los Feliz property. With all the top realtors there, Altman and Fredrik have an iconic showdown.

The Great British Cook-Off Dec 9, 2021

Tracy's delighted to list the house of Gleb Savchenko and Elena Samodanova from Dancing with the Stars, but it needs a facelift before hitting the market. The Brits get their hands dirty when hosting a dinner party at their 30-million-dollar Nightingale property. Altman hustles for the chance to list a property in Brentwood that could go for over $40 million.

Trouble in the OC Dec 2, 2021

Even though Flagg has not found a buyer yet, Suzanne Somers' house might just sell. Tracy and her daughters check on the progress of their new house. Meanwhile in Orange County, Fredrik and Altman each snag ocean-front properties as they both want to expand into the new market, but their friendship might not survive the competition.

9021 No! Nov 18, 2021

Fredrik and Altman return to their Beverly Park co-list with an offer, but the seller tests the bonds of their relationship. Flagg hosts an exclusive dinner party while trying to close a deal in the Beverly Hills Flats. James and David's nerves get the better of them as they stumble through a listing meeting in the Bird Streets.

Look Ma', We Made It Nov 11, 2021

Tracy's unique Abbot Kinney property is a tough sell, but not as tough as her confrontation with Fredrik. Altman wants to make up for misbehaving as a child by giving his parents something special. Flagg's Beverly Hills expertise is put to the test with a very particular buyer.

Gate Code Shakedown Nov 4, 2021

Tracy goes head-to-head with Flagg after putting in an offer on his listing in the Flats. In Beverly Hills, Altman falls in love with a mid-century masterpiece. Meanwhile, James races the clock to close a deal for Bernard "Harv" Harvey and his wife Felisha King, in the booming Valley market.

Have a Cookie and Relax Oct 28, 2021

Tracy trades her broker hat for a buyer hat when she starts searching for a home in Beverly Hills and is shocked when she realizes Flagg is listing her dream house. Music Producer Bernard "Harv" Harvey and his wife Felisha King, from the R&B group Cherish, enlist James to help them find their first home as newlyweds. Despite working with a demanding seller, Fredrik pushes to set a record price in Upper Bel Air.

The Laws of Distraction Oct 21, 2021

When Fredrik tries to get brokers to his Upper Bel Air property, he faces a huge obstacle, LA traffic. James and David create a decoy in order to get a sale in Bel Air. Altman negotiates against his brother as he tries to close the deal for his Encino sellers.

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd Oct 7, 2021

After agreeing to a co-list in Bel Air, James and David struggle to get a word in edgewise during their showings. Flagg soaks in the waters of Palm Springs as he tries to sell Suzanne Somers' house. Altman attempts to connect with his "Gen Z" sellers while listing a beautiful new construction in Encino. And Tracy gets support from her mom while selling her sister's Holmby Hills estate.

The House That Thighmaster Built Sep 30, 2021

Flagg packs his bags for Palm Springs to sell the home of America's favorite roommate, Suzanne Somers. Tracy balances work and family as she lists her sister's massive 30-million-dollar home in Holmby Hills. Meanwhile, Fredrik uses his international connections to find a buyer for Dolph Lundgren's home but still misses the mark.

House of Drago Sep 23, 2021

While listing a Hamptons-esque home in Hancock Park, James and David find themselves at odds with each other. Flagg goes to the next level to protect himself and his fellow agent. Fredrik lives out his childhood fantasy by listing Dolph Lundgren's house in the Bird Streets, but after a few showings, things get a little rocky.

Orange You Glad It's a Co-List? Sep 16, 2021

Fredrik reels in a whale of a property in Beverly Park only to learn that the sellers want him to co-list the property with Altman. Flagg walks a fine line as he lists a tear down on a great piece of land for a seller who does not want the house torn down. Tracy juggles two buyers and a frustrated seller who fears getting burned again.

Counter Offer Knock Down Sep 9, 2021

Flagg works with an old friend to sell a historic Bel Air home that is designed by a famous architect and occupied by famous owners. Tracy embraces technology in order to try and sell a property that no one is allowed to step foot in. Altman goes toe-to-toe with his seller in a boxing ring to negotiate a deal before he gets knocked out!

A Swedish Soiree Sep 2, 2021

Altman returns to his roots in the Bird Streets neighborhood to sell a modern masterpiece but has a difficult time keeping the sellers happy. Flagg adjusts to a remote work lifestyle and secretly visits Tracy's house to see an old companion. Meanwhile, Tracy struggles to see eye-to-eye with the seller of a beautiful, traditional home in Beverly Hills. James and David try to close a deal with the newest agent in Los Angeles, Fredrik, but things go awry when word gets out!

Hollywood Royalty Sep 1, 2020

Altman and Tracy team up to co-list a historic Hollywood estate once owned by Hollywood Legend, John Barrymore. James and David go all-in on their new East Coast traditional, a 20-million-dollar stunner in a celebrity enclave, and all the agents stop by to check out the competition.

One for the 'Gram Aug 25, 2020

Altman throws an epic launch event for a modern with a 48-million-dollar price tag, and a social media twist. Tracy gets creative to find a buyer for her new WeHo modern in a market that is oversaturated with new construction. Wildfires rage across the LA landscape and have a devastating impact on the market, prompting James and David to try to figure out next steps for their client.

Medieval Time Machine Aug 18, 2020

Altman lists a castle in Beverly Ridge and leans in to Game of Thrones to get people through the door. Flagg finds himself opposite Fredrik, trying to negotiate a deal while getting a fair price for his client. James and David are under pressure to get their latest Zach Vella listing sold, or else risk getting replaced with a familiar NY agent.

Swedish Invasion Aug 11, 2020

James and David work with a long-time client Zach Vella to list an architectural gem, but Fredrik's arrival in Los Angeles is putting the pressure on them to get it sold. Altman tries to find a modern above the Sunset Strip for his car enthusiast client with space for all of his toys. Flagg gets into the 90s vibes trying to move a Y2K era modern in the Bird Streets.

24 Hours or Else Aug 4, 2020

James and David work with a long-time client Zach Vella to list an architectural gem, but Fredrik's arrival in Los Angeles is putting the pressure on them to get it sold. Altman tries to find a modern above the Sunset Strip for his car enthusiast client with space for all of his toys. Flagg gets into the 90s vibes trying to move a Y2K era modern in the Bird Streets.

Flagg It or Bag It Jul 28, 2020

James and David host a backyard BBQ for their new family-oriented estate in Santa Monica. Altman goes after a new modern in his Bird Streets territory but is shocked when the sellers consider a low-ball offer. Flagg tries to find Glee star Becca Tobin her dream home in the historic Hollywood Hills.

Ze Plane, Ze Plane! Jul 21, 2020

Altman struggles to convince an unrealistic seller but risks losing the potential listing. Tracy gets groovy to attract interest for a new construction with mid-century bones in Pasadena. Flagg goes all out with a plane for his new resort-style trophy listing in Long Beach but it proves more challenging than expected.

Storm the Castle Jul 14, 2020

Tracy tries to balance her new portfolio with her demanding developer who has high expectations and a rocky past with Altman! James and David are up against the clock to find their 9 months pregnant client her dream home on the Westside before she goes into labor. Flagg and Altman find their new bromance in jeopardy as their La Jolla deal takes an unexpected turn, and they find themselves sitting on opposite sides of a negotiation!

Altman Versus Fredrik Jul 7, 2020

Altman hunts for his own flagship office space to create some distance from Fredrik Eklund, a former friend who is trying to make his mark on both coasts. Flagg tries to convince his hesitant seller to put in an offer or lose the home forever. Tracy goes up for the biggest listing of her career with one of the toughest developers in LA, where she could land a 500-million-dollar portfolio off the Malibu coastline.

Rock and a Hard Price Jun 30, 2020

Altman hosts a rockin' open house for a Trousdale party pad that once belonged to Howard Hughes. Flagg struggles to find the perfect family house for a very particular buyer, who questions if Flagg is the right fit for her. James and David look to expand their territory into Pasadena and help potential buyers see the potential of a 1970's fixer-upper.

Razor's Edge Jun 23, 2020

James and David struggle with an unrealistic seller to in order to move their Hollywood bungalow. Tracy makes a personal decision to list her own Brentwood home, but wants a huge number for it. Flagg and Altman launch their La Jolla co-list with a black tie affair, but the event turns sour with some real estate drama between Tracy and the Brits.

Altman and Flagg's Co-list Jun 16, 2020

Sworn enemies Altman and Flagg team up and hit the road in hopes of landing a major listing in La Jolla. Tracy gets creative to sell a Hollywood Hills artists enclave. James and David hit the hiking trails of LA to garner interest in a historic bungalow.

Indecent Proposal Mar 28, 2019

James and David throw a Great Gatsby-themed open house in an effort to sell a Bel Air estate on a tight timeline. Tracy launches her Dubai high-rise to an LA crowd, hoping to drum up some international interest. Can Flagg and Altman finally put their past behind them and work together to secure the most sought after listing in Los Angeles?

Dubai It Mar 21, 2019

Tracy travels to Dubai to earn a listing that could change her life and hangs with friend and local celeb Caroline Stanbury. Altman hunts down a mystery property in Malibu to house dozens of luxury cars for an important client. Flagg and Bobby embark on the ultimate house-hunt, but is their foundation solid enough?

Naked in the Backyard Mar 7, 2019

James works hard to sell a home to vocal superstar Kelly Rowland. Flagg gets creative to sell a Bel Air pad built for Robby Kreiger (guitarist for The Doors). Tracy lands a shot at representing a billion dollar development in Dubai.

Hell or High Water Feb 28, 2019

In an attempt to sell a villa-esque listing that has sat on the market for a year, Altman rents a dunk tank to entice buyers who might love to see him drenched. James & David enter heated negotiations on two of Hollywood's famous homes: The Playboy Bunny Ranch and the home where the movie Mommie Dearest was filmed.  Meanwhile, Flagg reunites with clients who previously fired him in an attempt to sell them a high-rise condo. 

Brother Dearest Feb 21, 2019

When David's brother Michael puts James and David to the task of finding him a development opportunity, they are led to the famed house where the movie "Mommie Dearest" was filmed. Flagg battles his control issues when he teams up with Bobby to sell a new condo development in West Hollywood. After negotiating a risky contingent deal for her client Cathy, Tracy fights the clock in attempt to sell Cathy's Pasadena home.

Failure to Launch Feb 14, 2019

Altman goes full hipster in his last ditch effort to sell his an architectural wonder in a trendy Venice neighborhood. Tracy  takes over a stale listing in Brentwood and attempts to revive the grandeur of the historic Georgian estate. A seller asks James and David  "where's the FOMO?" as they struggle to get multiple offers for her Brentwood home.

Pony Up Feb 7, 2019

In an attempt to sell her historic Del Mar listing, Tracy and team head to the racetrack in search of wealthy buyers. Altman faces a tough negotiator (his wife Heather) when trying to sell a problematic listing in the Bird Streets. And after receiving an unexpected gift, Flagg bakes up a plan to get back on James and David's good side.

Send It to Viral Jan 31, 2019

Shamed by the crazy drama that broke out at their Beverly Hills brokers' open, James  and David try to salvage their relationship with the sellers and finally get them an offer. Tracy attempts the impossible by finding her ultra-picky friend Cathy the home of her dreams (or maybe not...). And Flagg creates a hilarious short film to help market an ultra-modern listing in the Hills.

Rumble in the 90210 Jan 24, 2019

After things get heated with the seller of his Hollywood Hills compound, Altman  finds him working under new perimeters and impossible deadline. James and David go above and beyond to get the listing of a highly coveted, one-of-a-kind, ultra-modern home in the Flats of Beverly Hills. However, when they host an exclusive open house for LA's top brokers things get out of control when Flagg and Altman take their personal issues public.

Won't You Be My Neighbor? Jan 17, 2019

After Flagg delivers an ultimatum to the sellers of his Bel Air listing, he pulls out his bag of tricks in a final attempt to sell the newly renovated house. James and David's hot new listing in Brentwood gets the attention of an unsuspecting buyer. Altman lists the former Hollywood compound of a mega-star only to be blindsided by its new owner.

The Good Fight Jan 10, 2019

After the successful sale of actress Rose McGowan's Hollywood Hills home, Tracy holds an estate sale of all of the actress's belongings and Hollywood memorabilia in order to help her continue to fight the good fight. Flagg's patience grows thin from the unrealistic expectations from the sellers of his newly renovated listing in Bel Air. Altman goes head to head with NY Giants Antonio Pierce when he attempts to deflate the listing price of the Super Bowl Champ's Newport Beach home. And things get real for David and James during the open house of Beverly Hills Housewife Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK.

The Struggle Is Real Jan 3, 2019

The days of easily getting a listing are over! Listings are scarce, buyers are savvier, and overzealous homeowners are expecting the world. This season, LA's top agents are being challenged like never before.  Flagg may have promised a homeowner more than he can deliver on a vintage Beverly Hills estate. James and David are forced to come to terms with the state of the LA market when a Bel Air listing meeting takes a turn. Tracy takes life as a bachelorette to a whole new level in order to sell a makeup mogul's ultra-glam pied-à-terre. Finally, Altman finds himself under attack during the launch of his newest listing- an ultra-luxurious $45 million dollar modern in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Unfinished Business Jan 25, 2018

The Brits host a luxurious open house for their $45 million dollar Bel Air listing, and sparks fly when Flagg and Altman come face to face. Madison gets creative in selling a Malibu Country home, while Flagg and Bobby tie the knot in Beverly Hills.

Love and Listings Jan 18, 2018

Flagg and Bobby work together on their first co-list, and Flagg gets emotional during their wedding rehearsal dinner. Tracy's ex-client comes crawling back, while Josh Altman faces a tough deadline to sell a tear-down on the Riviera Golf Course.

Keys to the Castle Jan 11, 2018

Tracy heads to New York to be mentored by Fredrik Eklund, and to pitch herself to Douglas Elliman President Howard Lorber for a slew of new high rise projects in LA. Josh Altman tackles the beast of Bradbury Estates, Bliss Canyon. Josh Flagg teams up with the Brits for a co-list in Los Feliz, but a crazy seller might throw them off their game before they can get it sold.

Mile High Club Jan 4, 2018

Josh and Matt Altman land the biggest mansion in Bradbury Estates. Madison battles structural problems and mold to sell a friend's house in Brentwood. The Brits throw a huge party at their new high-rise penthouse listing, but when long-time rivals Altman and Flagg come face to face sparks fly.

It Wasn't in My Budget! Dec 28, 2017

James and David make a pitch to represent the hottest new high rise building in Los Angeles. Madison's summer rentals are usually a breeze, but a wealthy socialite with tight purse strings threatens to put his plans on pause. Tracy's client wants to sell her two properties in the Hollywood Hills, but has lofty expectations on price.

Who's Your Daddy? Dec 21, 2017

Josh Flagg struggles to find the balance between planning his over-the-top wedding and juggling over-the-top clients who give a whole new meaning to the word ‘picky.' Tracy's got a new listing with a first-time developer who has high expectations and a whole lot of attitude! The Altmans race to the hospital as their baby daughter is born!

Homewood's Where the Heart Is Dec 14, 2017

Tracy battles two brokers from her past to sell a problematic listing in Brentwood. James lands a classic Beverly Hills home but the owner has some old-school demands. Josh Altman's has baby on the brain as he picks up a gorgeous property off Benedict Canyon. Madison introduces Cody to his entire family while in Arizona, and pops a big question.

Two Tops Never Work Dec 7, 2017

Flagg is forced to co-list with rival realtor (and Real Househusband) Mauricio Umansky. Tracy lands a dream listing in Brentwood that quickly turns into a nightmare, as Altman gets an offer on his mansion in the Bradbury Estates that just might work...

Hashtag Sell This Bitch! Nov 30, 2017

Josh Altman has high rollers from Chicago in town, looking to wheel and deal! If Altman can't find their dream house for an insane best deal, he'll walk away with nothing. James and David have re-strategized their Valley Vista listings by throwing a giant open house that's focused on families. Hopefully, they can get a full-ask offer before the seller rips them apart... again. Tracy holds her friend Bradley's hand as they put his first development project on the market, but is she hip enough to draw in the right kind of millennial buyer for a neighborhood that's still "up and coming"?

Unchartered Territory Nov 16, 2017

Due to record-low inventory in the LA real estate market, Josh Flagg and the Altman Brothers are forced out of their comfort zone. Altman lands the palatial home in Bradbury Estates, but a major mistake threatens his open house! Flagg makes way to the Valley, and has a face-off with some local agents. A blast from the past comes back to haunt the Brits. After a chance encounter, Madison and Heather decide to meet; can they salvage what is left of their friendship?

A Tantalizing Offer Nov 9, 2017

Since dominating the LA market, Josh Altman heads to an exclusive enclave to try and snag a potentially record-breaking listing. He's put to the test when the sellers don't fall for the Altman charm. Madison gains some momentum with a potential buyer for Tantalus, but his rocky relationship with James might crash the deal before it takes off. Tracy's got a tight deadline and even tighter budget to try and find her friend, Camella, a house in Brentwood. She struggles to walk the fine line between friend and agent when she realizes that Camella's eyes are bigger than her budget.

She's a Boss Nov 2, 2017

Inventory is low, sales are record high, and the boys are back to some fierce competition! Josh Altman may have money on his mind, but with Heather's pregnancy, he's got baby on the brain. Josh Flagg is ready to dance to the top of the LA real estate market and waltz down the aisle with his fiancé Bobby. James has unresolved issues with Madison over a huge listing in Malibu, but Madison wants him to Brexit his home turf. Finally, a new realtor, Tracy Maltas enters the fray, and proves that she's not to be messed with.

Best and Final Dec 29, 2016

Josh Flagg pops the big question to his beau in true style. James and David take on a Beverly Hills home that's been on the market for over 800 days with no buyer in sight. Josh Altman struggles to find a beachfront home for a brash out of town buyer on a tight schedule. Madison must try to close a deal with a client who fired him, in order to land a $20 million dollar dream listing.

Co-List from Hell Dec 22, 2016

Josh Flagg whisks boyfriend Bobby off to Paris to propose and worries his nervous behavior will blow the big surprise. Meanwhile, Josh Altman takes on a Hollywood Hills listing with an unpredictable homeowner that could jeopardize the sale. Madison and the Brits continue to clash over their sexy Malbu co-list, things really get ugly when the seller returns and isn't happy with their results.

Surf vs Turf Dec 15, 2016

Madison goes up against David and James for a modern Malibu compound, but when the owner toys with the idea of teaming them all up, Madison doesn't pull any punches to try and win the listing for himself. Josh Flagg lists a historical Beverly Hills home that needs major restoration, but the owner's exorbitant profit margin may be too big a challenge for Flagg. When the offers don't live up to the expectations on Josh Altman's Londonderry listing, he risks damaging his relationship with one of his best clients and friends.

Turn & Burn Dec 8, 2016

Josh Altman battles his own client over a $20 million dollar listing price for a sexy Sunset Strip bachelor pad. Josh Flagg makes a big decision that his friends and family find shocking. Madison hustles to help a client downsize to a new Westside home, but has trouble holding her attention.  Meanwhile, David and James suffer a series of unfortunate events when trying to sell a traditional Cape Cod home in a modern neighborhood.

Nightmare on Altman Street Dec 1, 2016

David and James throw a massive party as a last ditch effort to sell their St. Ives listing, but find that agents are just looking to take advantage of their client's financial situation. Josh and Matt Altman list Wes Craven's turnkey canyon hideaway and are overwhelmed by the offers that flood in. Josh Flagg works to close a deal on his Beverly Drive listing that he hopes will save the home and the memories of his elderly client.

Zeppo Marx the Spot Nov 17, 2016

Josh Flagg lists a mid-century modern built by Zeppo Marx and must fight off developers looking to bulldoze the iconic structure. Newlyweds Josh and Heather return home from their wedding and are up against a ticking clock to find their dream house before they wind up homeless. James and David are asked to help a developer who previously rejected them, but the emotional stakes to sell his home may prove to be too much for a delicate David.

White Wedding Day Nov 10, 2016

Josh and Heather prepare to say their "I dos" in Aspen, but first face off in a tense negotiation that could keep them from walking down the aisle. Josh Flagg lists a coveted lot in the Beverly Hills flats, but when his strategy backfires, he's left scrambling to keep his client. James and David try to close the deal, and bury the hatchet, when they have a shot at shattering the sales record in Culver City.

Montcalm and Carry On Nov 3, 2016

Josh Altman finds himself caught between his fiancé and his client in a deal that could result in triple commission. Josh Flagg refuses to give up as he struggles to attract a buyer for his historic hilltop listing. The Brits' partnership begins to unravel when James and David take on a sexy contemporary listing, but can't see eye-to-eye on price.

Back on Market Oct 27, 2016

The gloves come off when Madison's easy beachfront sale is jeopardized by his client working with another agent. Josh Flagg lands a historical party pad that attracts eyes, but not offers. Josh Altman juggles two Santa Monica listings and struggles to keep them straight. And a newly single Flagg takes the first step towards a new relationship.

Fuchsia My Life! Oct 20, 2016

Josh Altman lists a stunning modern home with a $2 million dollar closet, but is left hung out to dry when his client refuses every offer. Josh Flagg takes an internet mogul shopping for a fixer to flip into a multi-million dollar masterpiece. While David copes with a devastating family issue he can't get off his mind, he and James must decide how to move forward with their business.

Bye, Felicia Oct 13, 2016

Old rivalries rear their ugly head when Josh Flagg's teenage client falls for Josh Altman's multi-million dollar listing in the Bird Streets, leading to the agents facing off at the negotiating table for the first time ever. James over-promises to a potential buyer and feels the wrath of his client in return. Meanwhile, James and David are blindsided when the biggest listing of their career begins to slip away.

The War of Real Estate Oct 6, 2016

LA's favorite real estate agents are back and ready to put up a fight in a fiercely competitive market. Newly single Josh Flagg plays mentor to a teenage buyer with an eight million dollar budget for an after-school creative haven. Meanwhile, Josh Altman's domination of the Bird Streets continues when he lists a sleek hillside home at a price his famous punk drummer client isn't totally on board with. British besties David Parnes and James Harris chase the biggest listing of their career, a $45,000,000 estate in exclusive Holmby Hills, only to find another agent standing in their way. And Madison Hildebrand returns with a hot beach-front bungalow, but a seller with cold feet.

Making Moves Dec 9, 2015

The results from Heather's pregnancy test put things into perspective for Josh Altman. After months of waiting, James and David's St. Ives listing is ready to hit the market, but tensions with the seller may cause them to walk away from the listing. Josh Flagg shifts his focus from business to a personal matter. And a nervous David heads off to Italy to pop the question to girlfriend Adrian.

Tower-ing Inferno Dec 2, 2015

Josh Altman and Josh Flagg have an explosive showdown at the Brits' Tower Lane property. Madison works against a ticking clock to close the deal on his PCH listing. David enlists James' help to deal with the emotional sale of his own home in Orlando. Josh Altman celebrates the launch of his book, but Heather shares some news that could change their lives forever.

It's a Mad Mad Madison World Nov 18, 2015

Madison returns with a Malibu beachside listing that needs his help after sitting stale for a year. Josh Altman jumps in to support his fiancée Heather as she lists an entire condo building near Hancock Park that would be the biggest sale of her career. David and James list a teardown property so in demand amongst developers, it brings Flagg and Altman face to face in a battle over clients, properties, and who really is the number one agent in town.

The Hustler Hustle Nov 11, 2015

James finds himself across the table from publishing tycoon Larry Flynt as he negotiates the purchase of the iconic Sunset Strip Hustler building. Josh Altman gets caught in a vulnerable position when an offer comes in on Carman Crest at an inopportune time. David and Adrian make a major decision about their future. Josh Flagg thinks he's found the perfect beach house for his hard-to-please client, but negotiations threaten to derail the whole deal.

Bait and Switch Nov 4, 2015

Josh Flagg is tempted with a prestige listing in the Pacific Palisades but first must find the seller a new home. Josh Altman's biggest challenge on a modern Hollywood Hills party pad isn't his demanding Russian client, but the surprise appearance of Madison Hildebrand at his open house. Investor Zach Vella enlists James to take him property shopping for new hotel space on the Sunset Strip. James Harris gets David Parnes into hot water when he tries to convince Adrian to put their nearly complete dream home on the market.

All Cash Chaos Oct 28, 2015

James works with Madison Hildebrand in Malibu to find a home for a young British millionaire with a fear of heights. Josh Flagg struggles to move on after losing his beloved grandmother, Edith. Josh Altman and The Brits engage in an epic negotiation that leaves actual money on the table.

Major League Listings Oct 21, 2015

James and David list the home of a sentimental seller, but when NBA star Kris Humphries shows interest, the Brits struggle to seal the deal. Josh Altman previews off-market listings to MLB's Brian Wilson, but his quirky demands throw Altman off his game. Josh Flagg takes a Midwesterner with a tiny budget on a quest to find the LA home of her dreams. And when Altman has to ask a good friend for a big favor, it becomes a game of major league hardball.

Karma's a Bitch Oct 14, 2015

Josh Altman's prank on Josh Flagg during his open house with the Brits causes a confrontation that turns personal. James pulls off a sentimental surprise for his wife on their 5-year anniversary, while Josh Altman confesses a change of heart about his future with Heather. Josh Flagg stands to make triple commission on a property, if he doesn't lose his clients in the process.

Knock Knock, Who's There? Oct 7, 2015

James and David are up for a luxury listing with a demanding client, but James' family commitments get in the way. Josh Altman gets clever in an effort to increase the value of an overpriced estate in Los Feliz. And when the Brits and Josh Flagg decide to co-list a property together, Josh Altman pounces on the chance to get his revenge.

That's Neff'ed Up Sep 30, 2015

Josh Flagg gets creative in marketing an exceptional $20 million dollar listing in Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills. James and David finally gain access back into the Beachwood party pad, but not before hitting another speed bump with the seller. Meanwhile, Josh Altman puts pressure on himself to sell a dated house by famed architect Wallace Neff to a buyer that will return it to its former glory.

Best on the Block Sep 23, 2015

The Brits list a zen party pad, but their wild Burning Man-style brokers' open challenges David's sobriety. Josh Altman faces off against an intimidating client as he tries to close a deal. Josh Flagg steps in to help two developers sell an overpriced modern home, and also helps James get revenge on Josh the most explosive way.

The Upside of Teardowns Sep 16, 2015

Still sore from their fallout, David keeps James out of a deal with a mystery client who could turn their fortunes around, but only if the Brits can get their partnership back on track. Josh Flagg tries to unload a stale teardown property in the exclusive Trousdale Estates neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Josh Altman balances his work and personal life as he tries to win over a new client, all while his visiting parents put the pressure on him and Heather to have children.

Dinner Party Disaster Sep 9, 2015

James and David's exclusive dinner party takes an explosive turn when Josh Altman and James have it out on the rooftop. The Brits' partnership hits turbulent waters as the deadline on their listing looms. Josh Altman's search for the perfect house for a hard-to-please client continues, but his client's patience is wearing thin. Josh Flagg convinces boyfriend Colton it's time to move on from their Sunset Strip home and reap a profit in the process.

Seller's Dream, Agent's Nightmare Sep 2, 2015

The four brokers are back to tackle the booming Los Angeles real estate market that has transformed into a seller's paradise. After the loss of his beloved grandmother, Josh Flagg is determined to stay on top, vying for an $8 million listing from a long lost high school "friend." With big life changes and under pressure to perform at work, Josh Altman promises a busy young millionaire that he will find him the perfect house in just one day. British transplants James Harris and David Parnes get creative to sell a $5.75 million dollar hillside modern. And when the competitive real estate agents cross paths, old rivalries surface with new intensity.

Crossroads Nov 5, 2014

A $13-million listing in Laguna Beach forces the Brits to sink-or-swim in a new territory. But they are buoyed by a surprise visit from a familiar face. Still reeling from the devastating loss of his grandmother, Josh Flagg struggles to stay focused on a new listing for one of Edith's friends. Josh Altman finds himself at a major cross-road: choosing to pursue a life-consuming $100-million listing, the biggest of his career, or spending more time with Heather to help mend their relationship.

Circling the Waters Oct 29, 2014

When Josh Altman's idol, Daymond John of Shark Tank fame, hires him to find commercial space for his West Coast headquarters, Altman moves his relationship with Heather to the back burner once again. David and James put it all on the line when they coax a prolific developer and his wife to sell their newly built dream house for $12,995,000. After the lady of the house gets cold feet, David makes a promise he may not be able to deliver on. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg is closing and opening deals with his usual ease, but real estate is the last thing on his mind when his personal life is shattered.

Million Dollar Fisking Oct 22, 2014

Josh Altman and his brother Matt meet with an international client demanding they find the perfect Beverly Hills getaway in just two days. Meanwhile, Altman is trying to keep his relationship with Heather from falling apart. As Edith's health continues to decline, Josh Flagg finds himself in crisis mode. One of James and David's biggest clients is counting on them to find an LA residence that meets his very specific requirements.

Reality Bites Oct 15, 2014

After being hired by a hard-nosed client who used to be a top real estate agent, James and David come up with a brilliant strategy to impress him. Josh Flagg is frustrated when he gets the listing for one of his favorite properties only to find out that other agents don't share his appreciation for it. Josh Altman lands the most prestigious listing of his career. The victory is short-lived as his personal life begins to crumble.

All Business, No Pleasure Oct 8, 2014

Josh Altman tries to find the perfect home for a famous street artist, who insists on going to every showing incognito. Josh Flagg worries about Grandma Edith's declining health before leaving for his annual Hamptons vacation. James and David go above and beyond to prove they're not the party boys they used to be in order to help old friends from London sell their Los Feliz home.

There Goes the Neighborhood Oct 1, 2014

David makes a rash promise to a client without first consulting James, which could ultimately cost them the listing. Josh Altman snags a similar listing just blocks away from the Brits and the competition is anything but neighborly, especially when Heather has clients interested in both properties. Josh Flagg is stunned and saddened when Colton shows him the progress he's made remodeling his parents' house and childhood home. He also goes against everything he believes in after taking on a fickle client.

Hard Cold Cash Sep 24, 2014

When Josh Altman's client goes borderline ballistic during a negotiation, he has to stash the other agent in a freezer. Hip hop artist Tyga checks out David and James' ultimate bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills, which happens to be across the street from Altman's house. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg goes back in time in order to sell a 1919 Beverly Hills tear-down that cannot be torn down.

Flagg vs. Serhant Sep 17, 2014

Josh Flagg gets the better of Million Dollar Listing New York real estate agent Ryan Serhant when Ryan's client makes an offer on Flagg's flip property. When Josh Altman double-ends a deal with his brother, he must come to terms with his lifelong competition with Matt. Heather and Josh meet with a wedding planner who's baffled by their unpreparedness.

Royally Sucked Sep 10, 2014

While showing a Hollywood Hills estate, David and James cross paths with an infamous ne'er-do-well who brought shame on the Royal Family. Josh Flagg finds himself caught in the middle of close family friends who are at odds over the type of home they want to purchase. With inventory at an all-time low, Josh Altman's assistant, Mikey, goes undercover to snag a listing.

Real Estate on Wheels Sep 3, 2014

After taking a hard fall, Josh Flagg tries to find his good friend an investment property all while in agonizing pain. Josh Altman loses a coveted listing in the Hollywood Hills, but devises a brilliant plan to get it back. James and David continue to show their $48 million dollar listing.

English Beat Down Aug 27, 2014

James and David crash Josh Altman's Broker's Open House for the listing they lost to him. The duo also lands the largest listing of their careers -- a $48 million dollar estate. Josh Flagg sells his Bel Air Crest listing despite the fact his client cannot contain herself during the negotiation.

The Lads Take L.A. Aug 20, 2014

With inventory low and demand high, the Los Angeles market is blazing hot and these agents are working hard to stay one sale ahead of their competition. While Josh Altman nabs a listing that every agent in town wanted, dynamic British duo David Parnes and James Harris continue to encroach on his territory. Josh Flagg lists a $9.4 million mansion in Bel Air Crest.

Love Conquers Oct 23, 2013

As Josh Flagg searches for a new home after selling his condo, he's faced with an ultimatum from Colton. Over in Malibu, Madison nails a six-million-dollar property in that is mid-construction. However when the money runs out, the property almost slips through his fingers. While marketing a 10-million-dollar villa in Beverly Hills Josh Altman targets high-rolling international buyers with an over-the-top hookah party. Meanwhile, Josh Altman takes a big step by making a decision that will change his life forever.

This Means War! Oct 16, 2013

Josh Flagg accuses Josh Altman of client poaching when he learns that Altman is working with his former drama camp counselor. Wanting to have the last say about the issue, Josh Flagg finds a way to retaliate without breaching his ethics. With his love life in shambles, Madison buries himself in his work. He holds an exclusive charity event for Malibu's finest at a jaw-dropping estate.

Madison v. Heather (Again!) Oct 9, 2013

When Madison lists an all glass property perched on a bluff that he calls "The Jewel Box," he gets an offer that he may not be able to refuse. Josh Flagg's Malibu co-listing with Heather heats up when Madison shows up at the brokers open and goes off on Heather. On the home front, Josh Flagg decides to sell his condo, which opens a serious can of worms between him and his partner Colton. Josh Altman is hired by a longtime client who has painstakingly restored a Spanish-style home. In his attempt to market the authenticity of the property, he is in for a surprise.

Mexican Retreat Oct 2, 2013

The Altman brothers are thrilled to get a spectacular listing in Brentwood but the seller insists on having a security guard on the premises whenever they show the property. Josh Altman is horrified when his live-in girlfriend Heather co-lists a Malibu property with his nemesis, Josh Flagg. Meanwhile, Marcos invites Madison to Mexico to meet with developers at a luxury resort community where villas rent for up to $6,000 per night.

All Overboard Sep 25, 2013

When Josh Altman and his brother Matt take on a listing that looks more like a cruise-liner than a home, it's a hard sell. To make matters worse, the owner does not make listing the property any easier. Madison hopes to seal the deal when he gets a second chance on a listing he was unable to sell 18 months ago. Much to his chagrin, Josh Flagg is asked to find a house in "The Valley" for a good friend. Meanwhile, Josh Altman makes a stunning announcement and the relationship between Madison and Marcos takes a surprising turn.

The Battle of Malibu Sep 18, 2013

After guaranteeing a long-time client he can sell her dated condo in one week, Josh Flagg enlists the help of his multi-lingual grandmother, Edith, to reach out to potential international buyers. The real estate world gets a little smaller when Madison and Josh Altman both have clients interested in the same two houses on the same street in Malibu. When Josh Altman initiates a bidding war, the gloves come off and there is a side of Madison that no one ever sees coming.

Trouble in Paradise Sep 11, 2013

Josh Altman does some major Hollywood-style schmoozing when trying to move a spectacular seven-story party pad in the Hollywood Hills. On the personal front, Heather is devastated when Josh Altman gives her some hurtful news. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg wins over a potential buyer by finding the way to her heart. Over in Malibu, the ocean side view may not help his current listing; a half-built house on a barren ten-acre property for that is four and a half million dollars. Can Madison paint a more picturesque view than what's in from of him to get the property sold? Madison's love interest Marco is leaving for Mexico in two weeks, leaving Madison to make some life-changing decisions.

It's Personal! Sep 4, 2013

After closing a deal on the mega-property Josh Altman co-listed with his brother Matthew, the duo decides to partner up, thus forming the Altman Brothers. It's a blast from the past when Josh Flagg takes on a listing for a high school friend's parents. Eager to show that a lot has changed, he is determined to show he is not the same outcast he was. As an agent, you must be willing to go the extra mile to get a listing sold. Madison proves that point when he jumps through hoops to sell a property which involves coyote urine and a surveillance camera.

Third Degree Burn Aug 28, 2013

The sky is the limit as Madison decides to expand his business outside Malibu. He comes to realize that afar from the ocean, lays a familiar face in wait. When Madison takes his clients to a listing in Beverly Hills, his former assistant, Heather is the listing agent on the property. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg takes on a client who refuses to sell his property without interrogating the potential buyer first making it difficult to seal the deal. It's sibling rivalry of epic proportions when Josh Altman and his brother Matt take competition to a whole new level and co-list a ten-million-dollar estate, still under construction.

Dire Contingencies Aug 21, 2013

On the brink of the biggest deal of his career, Josh Altman is out to break his own record. But when his ego gets in the way of closing the deal, he jeopardizes his relationship with the other agent when she learns some shocking news about the sale. Meanwhile, Madison is having fun in the sun as he shops for a Texas couple who is ready to lay down some serious cash for a second home on the beach. Josh Flagg mentors a junior agent by helping him sell his parent's home. It's the young agent's first listing and he needs expert help.

Last Laugh Aug 14, 2013

Josh Altman and Josh Flagg come head to head when Altman makes an insulting lowball offer on Flagg's listing. With his eyes on the prize, Flagg gets a much bigger offer and makes sure Altman knows who is boss. Over in Malibu, Madison has his hands full with two precocious twins after their mother reaches out to him after being burned by another realtor. To unload from work, Madison finds time to tend to his new love interest Marcos.

Unfinished Business Aug 7, 2013

The real estate agents are back and the market is on fire. When Josh Altman takes on a sexy listing in the Hollywood Hills, he persuades one of his most important clients to take a huge risk. Meanwhile, Madison helps pro hockey player Sheldon Souray, sell his multi-million-dollar off-season party pad. Both Josh Altman and Madison converge at a brokers open for Josh Flagg's 14-million-dollar listing and its obvious there is unfinished business between the three of them.

Closing Deals and Opening Doors Aug 15, 2012

Josh and Colton stun Josh's parents with some news about their family. Still grieving from his loss, Madison is skeptical when Heather reaches out to him. Josh Altman makes an eight-digit sale and he and Heather take their relationship to the next level.

Big Listings, Big Losses Aug 8, 2012

When Josh Flagg balks at a listing two hours away, Grandma Edith lectures him about his work ethic. With a buyer and seller digging in their heels, Josh Altman is headed towards failure. Madison suffers a devastating personal loss.

Shark Out of Water Aug 1, 2012

Life's a b---h for Josh Altman when he travels outside his territory and misjudges a new client. Madison must fight off competing brokers to win over a client. Josh Flagg's slam-dunk Rodeo Drive listing is fraught with complications.

Broker Blowout Jul 25, 2012

Josh F.'s broker's open gets rowdy when Josh Altman and Heather make a scene. Meanwhile, Josh Altman makes a dangerous play negotiating a deal for his pro-football player client Orlando Scandrick. Josh Flagg must get in touch with his nurturing side when he is forced to babysit.

Sacked by the Money Man Jul 18, 2012

With pro-football player Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys as his client, Josh Altman gets blindsided by Orlando's business manager. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg struggles to sell an ultra-contemporary party palace and his boyfriend Colton delivers some startling news. Tensions are high when Madison's assistant Heather makes an unexpected demand.

No Crying in Real Estate Jul 11, 2012

The two Joshes are toughing out stormy weather on personal and professional fronts; A close family friend has sad news for Josh Flagg and with his tail between his legs, Josh Altman is desperate for a new listing. In Malibu, a developer sets Madison up for failure when he insists on showing his property during construction.

Let's (Not) Make a Deal Jun 27, 2012

With his work and personal life at a crossroads, Josh Altman's temper runs short causing him to lose a four-million-dollar listing. Eager to win his father's approval, Madison comes through with a brilliant idea to sell his family's home in Park City, Utah. Meanwhile, frustration runs deep for Josh Flagg when a major client threatens to back out of a deal.

I Got the Listing and I Got the Girl Jun 20, 2012

With a thorn in his side, Madison decides to confront Heather and Josh Altman by crashing his brokers open at a plush Beverly Hills penthouse. In tranquil waters, Josh Flagg's Grandmother Edith bonds with his client, a socialite.

Betrayal Between Brokers Jun 13, 2012

As Heather's relationship with Josh Altman heats up, it begins to interfere with her work. Madison accuses Heather of sabotaging his business and takes swift action against her. With his heart on this sleeve and tempers flaring, Josh Altman vows to make Madison pay for messing with his girl. In Beverly Hills, a young socialite and rising fashion star turns to Josh Flagg to help her find a high-end hideout.

Ballooning Assets Jun 6, 2012

In the season premiere, Josh Altman attempts to sell a multi-million dollar home owned by an eccentric inventor who wants to fly. Meanwhile over in Malibu, Madison helps a colleague sell her ill-tempered ex-husband's stunning lakeside home. Flying high, Josh Flagg meets a client at "rooftop yoga" and nabs a listing for a prized Beverly Hills estate.

Good Buys and Goodbyes Mar 29, 2011

When a potential client shows Josh Altman his Hollywood Hills bachelor's den, Josh thinks he's found the house of his dreams and will stop at nothing to get the listing. Meanwhile, Madison gives Heather an ultimatum after finding out she's been interviewing at other offices and Josh Altman accuses Josh Flagg of ratting her out.

Betrayal in the Real Estate Biz Mar 23, 2011

The tension is intense when Madison confronts Josh Altman about moving into his territory, and Josh gets personal by encouraging Heather to leave Madison's business. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg gets ready to publish his new book and has second thoughts about revealing details from his personal life.

Going to the Dogs Mar 15, 2011

Madison must lease the high-end beach home of a tenant with six dogs, which makes showing the place a potential disaster and an angry seller challenges Josh Flagg's marketing strategy. Meanwhile, Josh Altman struggles to sell nine high-end lofts in Venice Beach and sparks fly when Madison accuses Josh Altman of trying to undermine his business.

Billionaire Buyer Mar 8, 2011

When a billionaire client comes to town, Josh Altman is under the gun to find a lavish estate in less than 48 hours. Josh Flagg struggles to find a buyer for a sprawling Victorian on the outskirts of LA and Madison must deal with a hot-headed client who threatens to walk from a deal. Meanwhile, Josh Altman encourages Madison's assistant Heather to quit.

Sleeping with the Enemy Mar 3, 2011

Madison gets more than he bargained for when he lists the home of a short-tempered seller who's desperate for a sale. Josh Flagg's new client Candis Cayne hires him to find a hip venue for a gay bar in West Hollywood. Tempers flare when Madison learns about Josh Altman's date with his assistant Heather.

Sparks Fly Feb 24, 2011

Madison hosts a champagne open house for the top realtors in Beverly Hills; it's a posh event until Josh Flagg crashes the party. Later, Josh Flagg hosts a late-night rock 'n' roll open house with his new twin interns. Josh Altman isn't impressed with the gimmicky event, but when he meets Madison's assistant Heather, there's instant chemistry and things really start to heat up.

Seeing Double Feb 17, 2011

Madison is shocked when his bully of a client threatens to fire him. Josh Altman tours one of Madison's listings with a celebrity client and questions his pricing strategy. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg decides to take his grandmother's advice and hire an assistant, however instead of hiring just one –- he considers a pair of identical blonde twins.

No Guarantees in the Real Estate Game Feb 10, 2011

With a client who refuses to accept the realities of the market, Josh Flagg must make an agonizing decision. As a favor to his mother, Josh Altman takes on a less-than million-dollar-listing and risks losing his commission. Madison is humbled when a hard-nosed millionaire makes him jump through hoops to get a listing.

Bad Market for Mansions Feb 3, 2011

Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand return and are joined by Josh Altman, a Boston boy that brings some east coast flare to the west coast real estate market. In this first episode, Josh Flagg must sell an overbuilt mansion in a modest suburban neighborhood for an eccentric client whose expectations are as overblown as his property. Meanwhile, Josh Altman has to contend with an angry seller after promising him his super-hip home will be an easy sell and a young entrepreneur with money to burn has Madison venturing outside his comfort zone in search of the ultimate party pad.

Busted Dreams and Busted Homes Dec 7, 2009

Josh tries to move a half-demolished home in Beverly Hills only to have a buyer's agent tear into him during negotiations. Josh puts pen to paper and writes Grandma Edith's inspiring story. Chad thinks he's listing a house for a friend, but finds out first-hand how the foreclosure problem is taking its toll. Meanwhile, he tries to win back Victoria by mixing business and pleasure. Madison picks up a dream client in a nightmare market – a buyer with plenty of cash to spend. He re-thinks his sexuality when he sees his image in a different light. A broker invites Chad, Madison and Josh to help him with charity work, but egos clash as the agents try and work together.

In Real Estate Everything's Personal Nov 30, 2009

Josh agrees to a co-listing with another Beverly Hills agent, but realizes she might be putting the squeeze on his commission. Chad continues to struggle moving a high-end condo, he discovers Madison might be moving in on his territory. Meanwhile, Chad tries to make time for Victoria when a big-ticket client comes walking through his door. Madison puts a dream home on the market while his clients struggle with the nightmare of sliding market conditions. He also "strips down" for a good cause while wondering if he's revealed too much. An open house in Malibu attracts the attention of all three realtors, which results in drama.

Million Dollar Wild Swan Chase Nov 23, 2009

Josh lists the house of his friend Dr. Sam only to realize a clever marketing scheme can quickly backfire. He also travels with Grandma Edith to the old country in an effort to sort out his memory issues. Chad wins a listing for a prime Hollywood condo project but runs into the hurdle of selling a property that exists only on paper. At Chad's birthday party Victoria gives him a surprising gift. Madison tries to find an ideal Malibu home for a retiree only to realize that one person's ideal is another's nightmare. Madison attends an event in Hollywood that much to his surprise, is hosted by Chad.

Sweet Deals and Icing on the Cake Nov 16, 2009

Josh thinks he can move a less than stellar Hollywood Hills home by focusing on its spectacular city views. Madison convinces a friend to lease their home instead of selling it, which ends up putting his friendship and his reputation at risk. Chad lists a $10-million gem in Orange County's exclusive waterfront Corona Del Mar neighborhood, but struggles to balance the sale of the house with his relationship with Victoria.

Looking to Score in Malibu Nov 9, 2009

Competition between the agents heats up in Malibu as Chad snatches one of Madison's former multi-million dollar listings. Meanwhile, Madison takes-on a familiar Malibu listing with an ocean view, but soon realizes that the market has bottomed out for top homes. And Josh makes a spur of the moment gamble while also dealing with a potential health issue.

Jumping Through Hoops for a Signature Nov 2, 2009

Josh wants a listing on 20 acres of ocean view land in Malibu, but the owner isn't signing until he drafts and presents a marketing plan to him at his home in Montana. Chad lists a Hollywood Hills pad that should be a slam-dunk with help of another agent, while Madison hunts for investment properties for one of his most demanding clients. Chad asks his girlfriend Victoria a question that will make or break their relationship.

Dolphins, Rats and Next Door Neighbors Oct 26, 2009

Chad and Madison are both invited to speak at a real estate conference in Arizona where the topic is the declining market for high-end homes. Chad also tries to broaden his territory by listing a tiny bungalow in an up-and-coming neighborhood. But to his dismay, the home is plagued with a problem that threatens to scare away buyers. Meanwhile, Josh expands his sales territory by listing a $10 million mansion in Orange County's Newport Coast.

Big Numbers, Small Deals Oct 19, 2009

Josh's grandmother, Edith, gives him a tip about real estate in a down market, so he lists a plot of land in a golf course community, while simultaneously trying to ink a deal in Bel Air in under 24-hours. Chad lands a gem of a listing in LA's "Golden Triangle", but quickly finds the market's enthusiasm for the neighborhood has tarnished. Also, Madison discovers that no matter how strong his business relationships might be, the numbers don't always add up.

No One Is Recession-Proof Oct 12, 2009

In the worst market he's ever seen, Josh lists a rundown Beverly Hills mansion to sell it quickly, but his potential buyer continuously thwarts negotiations. Meanwhile, Chad puts his reputation on the line by listing a million-dollar home for a spa owner, and Madison eagerly takes on the Malibu estate of a flirtatious sex advice author.

Epiphanies Sep 9, 2008

As Josh copes with suffering from a "quarter-life" crisis, he strives to find the perfect piece of land for a designer's multi-million dollar fantasy compound. Chad battles over negotiations with a seller while shepherding a longtime family friend through the process of buying her dream home. Madison reaches a career milestone with his first double-digit listing, and attempts to make a buyer - a picky client of Josh's - fall in love with the property. Meanwhile, conflict between Josh and Chad explodes.

Showdowns Sep 2, 2008

While dealing with the erratic demands of an arrogant client, Josh questions whether real estate is really the right path for him. Just as Chad is about to strike a deal for his NBA star seller, an unexpected setback threatens the deal. A Texas tycoon expects Madison to find an ocean-view home for his college-age son at Texas prices.

Dire Buyers Aug 26, 2008

Josh's business-savvy grandmother finds him an "obituary listing," but when he ends up representing both the buyer and the seller he has to find a way to delicately negotiate. Chad tries to score a listing with an NBA star for a rental property in Las Vegas, but finds himself clashing with the star's bossy manager. Madison finds himself confused by unrequited feelings for his ex-girlfriend while house inspections reveal unexpected issues for one of his buyers.

Business and Pleasure Aug 19, 2008

Josh thinks he finally found the perfect house for his client - a high-strung doctor and his spoiled daughter - but this dream house might be too good to be true. The rich widow of a famous businessman impatiently demands that Chad find her a beach house in the most exclusive part of Malibu. Madison lists his own home on the market, and then goes on a mystery blind date.

Mondo Condo Aug 12, 2008

Josh tries to make things right with Dr. Sam by finding him the perfect condo, but the listing belongs to his biggest rival, Chad. Chad is struggling with family issues while trying to sell a pair of condos for yet another demanding client. The pressure heats up for Madison, who is missing an assistant and is left in a tight situation on a high-end deal.

Sellers from Hell Aug 5, 2008

In the premiere episode of the second season of Million Dollar Listing, Josh tries to persuade his pal, Dr. Sam, to buy a fixer-upper with huge profit potential, but it puts a strain on their friendship. Chad is dealing with a temperamental client who wants to sell his million-dollar condo in a not-so-million-dollar neighborhood. Meanwhile, Chad's girlfriend, Victoria, springs some surprising news on him. Madison's assistant leaves him in a bind, just as he secures one of the biggest listings of his career.

Three's a Crowd Oct 3, 2006

In Hollywood, married super agents Dia and Ray are eager to unload the family home for a lonely daughter who needs to move on. In Malibu, top producer Carol Bird tries to sell a horse estate and recording studio for a world famous violinist who makes it very difficult for her to show buyers around.

Relationship Negotiation Sep 26, 2006

In Hollywood, new agent Chase Campen tries to navigate a big listing but the buyer is playing hardball and the owners are having second thoughts. The deal tests every ounce of his patience and knowledge. In Malibu, smooth-talking agent Scotty Brown wins a bet and gets a great new listing. However, the homeowner's wife is getting cold feet and Scotty gets stuck in the middle.

Deals, Discounts and Potential Disaster Sep 19, 2006

In Malibu, top agent Chris Cortazzo wants top dollar for his hot new beach house. His protégé, Madison Hildebrand thinks he has the perfect clients. Can he make the deal happen or will Chris decide not to sell? In Hollywood, super agent Michael Wegmann tries to deal with a reluctant seller with a wife who's eager to move on.

Trouble in Paradise Sep 13, 2006

In Hollywood, married super agents Dia and Ray try to make ends meet with a frustrated homeowner who decided to leave the country when George Bush was elected to a second term. But the house isn't selling and the homeowner keeps changing the rules. In Malibu, smooth-talking agent Scotty Brown tries to get top dollar for his latest seller, a stubborn socialite. When the market doesn't respond, he has to convince her to slash her price or walk away from the deal.

Co-Listers Can't Be Choosers Sep 5, 2006

In Malibu, Condo Queen Lydia Simon tries to get top dollar for a beach front condo before her wedding. Her client is a major force in the Malibu condo market, so he'll settle for nothing less than top dollar. Lydia needs to plan her wedding, sell the condo and make it to the altar on time! In Hollywood, married super agents Dia and Ray struggle to deal with a desperate divorcee who has to sell the home she loves.

The Ultimate Luxury Playground Aug 29, 2006

In Hollywood, newly single agent Shannon McLeod tries to sell her ex-fiance's house without ruining their relationship, but the buyer makes life difficult for both of them. In Malibu, new agent Madison Hildebrand tries to get top dollar for a dream estate in disrepair. When the deal gets complicated, he has to make a tough decision.

MDLLA Josh & Josh: On the Waterfront Jan 13, 2022

On the season finale, Josh & Josh seek an elusive waterfront property for a difficult client in Newport Beach. The whole family including Altman's parents join the duo for some fun in the sun. Later on, Heather officially asks her husband and his brother Matt for partnership in The Altman Brothers. After months of the Joshes working together and succeeding in closing almost $40 million worth of properties, will they decide to take their partnership to the next level or head their separate ways?

MDL Josh & Josh: Sour Grapes Jan 6, 2022

Flagg is blindsided when Altman decides to teach him a lesson in the middle of a high-stakes deal in wine country. Will Altman's behavior backfire and sour the duo's trip to Napa? Heather and Bobby are left to ponder the future of their spouses' partnership.

MDL Josh & Josh: Rocky Mountain Buy Dec 30, 2021

Altman enlists Flagg's help in selling his parents' home in Aspen, CO but when news of a change in Flagg's employment leaks, all hell breaks loose. Can Flagg remain focused enough to not only help Altman move his parents' property but to also land another potential 40-million-dollar listing? Back in LA, Heather asks Bobby for advice about seeking partnership in The Altman Brothers.

MDL Josh & Josh: The Odd Couple Dec 23, 2021

Josh Altman and Josh Flagg, long-time rivals turned BFFs, team up to sell a property in Palos Verdes. But can they do it in less than a week? The two enlist their spouses and head for the coast as they pull out all the stops in the hopes of securing an all-cash offer for a jeweler-client who is between a rock and a hard place.

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