Genres: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Station: BBC One
Latest Episode: 9/18/2015
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  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
Liar Sep 18, 2015

The rescue is put in jeopardy by a fraudulent insurance claim, and Jimmy must clear his name - one problem: he's a pathological liar. Romance blossoms between Conor and Jules as they indulge in a bit of interior decorating.

Lover Sep 11, 2015

Jimmy falls madly in love with a fiery woman. After a whirlwind romance which baffles and sickens the others, Jimmy moves too fast and accidentally kneels on a drawing pin.

Famous Sep 4, 2015

Jimmy accidentally rescues a young boy and becomes famous. A fevered campaign of freeloading and self-aggrandisement ensues, with Jules threatening to bring the whole thing to its knees.

Dog Aug 28, 2015

Jimmy loses Bill's favourite dog, Tom Jones. Jimmy then loses Bill. Bill isn't happy, and neither is Jules - all this chaos is ruining her fancy gourmet night in the pub.

Fitness Aug 21, 2015

Jimmy fakes the team's fitness reports, and Bernie's enraged. The group now face a gruelling fitness regime, and only Conor can get them out alive.

Homeless Aug 14, 2015

Jimmy's burnt his house down and needs a new home. Conor's mum isn't happy that Conor has taken up with Jimmy's scurrilous band of rescue hands.

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