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Latest Episode: 1/27/2016

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About the series

Rocky Mountain Law is a new American reality television series that follows police officers in the high mountains of Colorado. Produced by Two Four Television Productions for the National Geographic Channel, the documentary series premiered on July 8, 2015.

The one-hour real life drama chronicles Sheriff Deputies as they fight crime in America’s most rugged terrain — the Rocky Mountains. Filmed throughout Colorado state, including the counties of Boulder, Eagle and Grand, the series documents intense manhunts as authorities attempt to solve complex murders and drug running mysteries.

In season 1 of the series titled “Hilltop Homocide” the police investigate a resident who shoots and kills a man he believes to be a masked, armed intruder. The victim turns out to be a friend and with just two witnesses at the scene, and one of them dead, investigators must determine whether the perpetrator is telling the truth — and whether the killing was actually in self-defense. In episode two, deputies discover skeletal remains of a man near the summit of a mountain in Eagle County. The Rocky Mountain mystery evolves as detectives, coroners and forensic pathologists work to identify the victim, and how and why he died.


  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
Snow Daze Jan 27, 2016

As winter settles into the Rocky Mountains, the snow brings with it crime and chaos.

Smugglers And Skeletons Dec 16, 2015
Midnight Mountain Madness Aug 26, 2015

Though the Rocky Mountains are brilliant during the day, nightfall can sometimes reveal a dark and sinister side that deputies need to defuse.

The Hills Have Eyes Aug 19, 2015

Officers in Boulder and Grand counties in Colorado enforce the law in the Rockies; protecting the mountains, monitoring camps and maintaining the beautiful natural treasures for recreation.

Tactical Takedown Aug 12, 2015

A local Colo. resident wanted for serious charges in Ill.; deputies face the challenging wilderness to hunt a man down.

Contraband Corridor Aug 5, 2015

Officers stake out the Interstate 70 corridor for drug runners that may be moving through Colorado.

Shot In The Dark Jul 29, 2015

Officers are puzzled when someone on suicide watch turns up with a gunshot wound to the chest in a small town where shootings are rare.

Fugitive Manhunt Jul 22, 2015

After eluding law enforcement agencies for more than a week, the fugitive is spotted in the mountains of Boulder County.

Off Road Remains Jul 15, 2015

Deputies find skeletal remains of a man near a mountain summit; officials work to determine who he is and how he died.

Hilltop Homicide Jul 8, 2015

A resident of a rural mountain region of Colorado shoots and kills someone he believes is an armed intruder, only to find the victim is a friend.

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