Genres: Drama, History
Status: not renewed yet
Station: Sky Atlantic
Latest Episode: 11/11/2022
Created by: Matteo Rovere
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Romulus tells the epic story of the founding of Rome, imbued with history, legend and revolution.


  • Season 2
  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
Apparenze Nov 11, 2022

Wiros surrenders to the Sabines and cedes the city of Rome; a woman leaves a cloak on the shoulders of the chained ex-king which leaves Tito distraught.

Gemelli Nov 11, 2022

Wiros encourages his team to have hope for victory. On his wedding day with Ersilia, he faces a difficult truth about his brother.

Battaglia Nov 4, 2022

When Titos steps in, the tides change with the Romans, who must retreat; Yemos decides to leave the sceptre to Wiros.

Furia Nov 4, 2022

In Rome, the tensions caused by the lack of food leads to a clash; Titus reacts unexpectedly to the loyalty of the Latin kings.

Destino Oct 28, 2022

Yemos is dying and Ersilia takes Wiros to the village where she grew up to be treated; Titos is furious with Servios and the others who have retreated into the woods.

Mostro Oct 28, 2022

Tito advances. The Ruminales attack a Sabine garrison and as all seems lost, a contingent led by Wiros, charges. Yemos is wounded and the priestess Ersilia proposes to take him to the Tusci.

Decisione Oct 21, 2022

Wiros seeks support from the kings of neighbouring areas, while Silvia begs the Sabines not to attack Yemos.

Offesa Oct 21, 2022

The king of the Sabines Titos Tatios invites Yemos and Wiros to Cures. However, it is an ambush that ends with the kidnapping of the Sabine priestesses.

Superbos Dec 4, 2020

Yemos and Wiros arrive at the gates of Alba. Ilia finally learns the truth about Enitos and confronts her father. Meanwhile, a serious dilemma afflicts Yemos.

Debellare Dec 4, 2020

Yemos manages to break free and flees to Gabi, where he finally finds Wiros. Amulius and Ilia, left alone, prepare for the last decisive battle.

Subiectis Nov 27, 2020

Wiros with a stratagem enters the city of Gabi garrisoned by Ilia, who is forced to flee. Yemos, captured by Spurius, is led to Alba.

Parcere Nov 27, 2020

A group of Ruminales, including Yemos and the She-wolf, fall into Spurius's trap. Meanwhile, Wiros meets Silvia and Numitor in the lands of the Greek potter. 

Memento Nov 20, 2020

Wiros and Yemos fight side by side for the first time with the mistress of the Wolves. Spurius sets fire to the forest to find them. Meanwhile, Amulius returns to Alba .

Romane Nov 20, 2020

Wiros and Yemos in the cave of the Ruminales meet the She-wolf. Ilia leaves for Gabi alongside her father Amulius. Numitor and Silvia leave the city.

Populos Nov 13, 2020

Yemos and Wiros proceed into the woods to reach the city of Gabi. Numitor and Silvia are greeted by Ertas. Meanwhile, Ilia continues her hard training.

Imperio Nov 13, 2020

Ilia goes to the priest of Mars. Meanwhile, Wiros lies to his companions but fears of being discovered and asks for the help of Yemos, the only one who can save him.


Regere Nov 6, 2020

Yemos, in the woods among the Luperci, meets the slave Wiros for the first time. Meanwhile, Ilia forever changes her fate as Ertas, king of Gabi, discovers Amulius' lies.

Tu Nov 6, 2020

Yemos and Enitos are the successors to the throne of Alba. The slave Wiros is in the woods for an initiation rite while the vestal Ilia keeps a great secret.