Genres: Nature
Status: Canceled
Station: Animal Planet
Latest Episode: 9/29/2016
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Storyline and cast

Rugged Justice is an American crime and documentary reality series that follows Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) police as they patrol the unforgiving mountainous terrain of the Evergreen State. Produced by Shark Teeth Films, Rugged Justice is executive produced by Adrian Carter, Tom Mudd, Alex Rader and Keith Hoffman. The series premiered on January 18, 2015 and is currently airing its third season, which started on August 25, 2016 on Animal Planet.

Rugged Justice chronicles the lives of officers who are assigned to protect more than 42 million acres of the woodlands, mountains, densely populated urban areas and back roads of Washington State. Every day brings new challenges and extreme danger as law enforcement respond to more than 225,000 calls each year.


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Name Air Dates
Crabs and a Crack Pipe Sep 29, 2016

The Washington State Fish and Wildlife Police confront a lying hunter, catch a couple in the act of crab poaching and deal with anglers illegally snagging salmon. Finally, an officer must make a difficult decision regarding a blind mule deer buck.

Caught on Camera Sep 22, 2016
Law-Breaking Father and Daughter Sep 15, 2016

Fish and Wildlife officers track down a trespassing elk poacher; sick coyote reported; father-daughter duo are caught red-handed illegally harvesting white fish; officers confront a repeat wildlife offender.

Headless Elk Sep 8, 2016

Washington State's Fish and Wildlife Police keep busy as they arrest a repeat criminal, discover a headless elk and go on litter patrol; commercial Canadian crabbers illegally catch crabs in American waters.

Stuck Young Buck Sep 1, 2016

A salmon poacher is arrested in Seattle, while in the rainforest an officer deals with an illegal elk kill. A duck hunter with a criminal past and an illegal shotgun is confronted, and a trapped black tail deer is finally freed from a storage compound.

Cougars on the Run Aug 25, 2016

Washington's Fish and Wildlife Police search for stranded cougar cubs. In the Seattle harbor, an unsuspecting rock fish poacher is arrested. A hunter driving with a loaded weapon is caught and an officer confronts a family harvesting undersized crabs.

Tackle and Take Down Nov 22, 2015

Menacing bear is released back into the forest; campers have a fire in a no burn area; vessel is on the verge of sinking; boater has had way too much to drink; police confront a sex offender attempting to flee.

Brawl on the Beach Nov 15, 2015

Washington's DSFW police catch a man with multiple warrants and chase after an assailant in a large beach rumble; they later deal with a salmon poacher and belligerent fishermen.

Threat to Kill Oct 25, 2015

Officers protect orca whales, a mother hen and her ducklings; showdown with a repeat offender; drunk driver is arrested; black market shrimp trafficker is taken down.

Rescue on the Water Oct 18, 2015
Obstruction of Justice Oct 11, 2015
Wildfire! Oct 4, 2015
The Wrath of God Sep 27, 2015

Officers of the Fish and Wildlife police respond to a boating accident, face off against a suspect with a checkered past and arrest a lawbreaker; another officer assists injured wildlife creatures.

Fugitive on the Run Sep 20, 2015

Two men wanted on felony warrants are captured by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police; an officer helps at the scene of car crash; a trombone player serenades an officer.

These Aren't Teddy Bears Sep 13, 2015

The Fish and Wildlife Police swing into action to release a menacing bear into the wild, a DUI driver is apprehended, suspects with multiple warrants are caught and taken to jail, and an officer attempts to save ducklings trapped in a storm drain.

Unlawfully Killed Sep 6, 2015

Washington State's Fish & Wildlife Police confront bear poachers as an inebriated suspect is taken to jail. A man with an outstanding warrant is caught having sexual relations with a woman and an officer has a surprise run in with a rattlesnake.

Line of Fire Mar 1, 2015
Life or Death Feb 22, 2015
Recipe for Disaster Feb 15, 2015
Alone and Outnumbered Feb 8, 2015
They're All Packing Rifles Jan 25, 2015
The Thin Green Line (Pilot) Jan 18, 2015
Officers' Top APB's 3 Sep 22, 2016

The officers look back on their most memorable APBs; tragedy strikes on a desert highway; a family boat cruise becomes nightmare.

Officers' Top APB's 2 Sep 15, 2016

The officers of the Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife look back on their most memorable APBs from past seasons. In this episode, the officers make a drug arrest, search the woods for a wanted criminal, and more.

Officers' Top APB's 1 Sep 13, 2015

A look back on the most thrilling moments of The officers of the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.

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