Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 4/27/2023
Created by: Jacinth Tan Yi Ting
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Station: Netflix

Half shark, half dog with a big heart and a belly full of fish sticks! Together, Sharkdog and his human pal Max can take on any silly or messy adventure.


  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
Return to the Island Apr 27, 2023

The Sharkpack, Barb and Dad embark on an exciting adventure to return the Sharkpups to their island. But will the team make it home in one piece?

Sharks on a Boat Apr 27, 2023

Barb and Dad help the Sharkpack wrangle the Sharkpups.

Pup, Pup and Away Apr 27, 2023

The Sharkpups are running wild in Foggy Springs!

Puptown Funk Apr 27, 2023

What's causing the pups to go into Sharkmode?

Sharkbites and Pupcakes Apr 27, 2023

Max bets Dennis he can sell more dog treats.

How to Train Your Sharkpups Apr 27, 2023

Max and Sharkdog compete to see who's a better Sharkpup trainer.

School of Sharkpups Apr 27, 2023

The Sharkpups get loose in Max's school.

Snow Way Out Apr 27, 2023

A Sharkpup crashes Mom's spa day.

Sharkdog and Mia's Eggcellent Adventure Apr 27, 2023

Mia brings a mysterious egg to school.

Stranger Fins Apr 27, 2023

The Sharkpack arrives on the secret island to search for more Sharkdogs.

How Barb Got Her Groove Back Apr 27, 2023

Barb is too scared to sail in the cold weather.

Sharkdog on Ice Apr 27, 2023

Ollie needs to learn how to ice skate... and fast!

All Mapped Out Apr 27, 2023

The Sharkpack tries to decode a secret map.

Sharkdog vs. Sharkdog Apr 27, 2023

Mia gets a new favorite Sharkdog.

News Hounds Apr 27, 2023

Max and Sharkdog accidentally delete Mom's news report.

Gnome Is Where the Art Is Apr 27, 2023

Sharkdog tries to help Mr. Heubel win an art contest.

Fins That Go Bump in the Night Apr 27, 2023

The boys get spooked after watching a scary movie at a sleepover.

Sharkdoggy Day Apr 27, 2023

Barb and Sharkdog search for a secret map.

Sharks, Dogs and Sharkdogs Apr 27, 2023

Sharkdog spends the day on his own.

Sharkdog Makes a Splash Jun 30, 2022

Max and pals try to keep Ceviche on the island.

Sharknapped! Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog doesn't come home, so the Sharkpack sets out to find him.

A Star Fish Is Born Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog steals the show at a commercial shoot.

Surf's Up, Sharkdog! Jun 30, 2022

Dennis and Sharkdog get sticky before a surf meet.

Ceviche for Dinner Jun 30, 2022

Max and Sharkdog try to impress dad's cool boss.

Sleeping Like a Baby Jun 30, 2022

Baby sister Mia needs her pacifier.

Pest Friends Forever Jun 30, 2022

Zombie sea fleas keep Sharkdog super itchy.

Meteor Madness Jun 30, 2022

Capt. Quigley and Sharkdog lead the mountain race to catch a meteor shower.

Sharkdog's Got Talent Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog wants the talent show spotlight.

Working Like a Sharkdog Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog trails Max's dad for playtime.

The Party Animal Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog proves he isn't a menace at the town's boardwalk bash.

The Sharkdog Scoop Jun 30, 2022

Max's mum spies on Sharkdog to write a story.

Sick as a Sharkdog Jun 30, 2022

The aquarium's robot doctor creates chaos.

Air Sharkdog Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog's skills help the Sharkpack on the basketball court.

The Big Picture Jun 30, 2022

Picture day for the Fishers is far from perfect.

The Fast and the Fishy Jun 30, 2022

Max wants to win a race, but Sharkdog gets in the way.

A Not So Grand Opening Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog snacks on the aquarium's new exhibit.

Going Wild Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog is too wild for the dog park.

No Fishes in This School Jun 30, 2022

Sharkdog sneaks into the first day of school.

The Sharkdog Days of Summer Jun 30, 2022

Max and Sharkdog dash home from a beach day to clean up their mess.

Sharkdog's Fintastic Halloween Oct 15, 2021

The sharkpack gets ready for Halloween with the spooky legend of the "Fearsome Fog" - and Sharkdog must save trick-or-treating from a slimy sea monster.

Sharkdog, Family Sep 3, 2021

Max comes to the rescue when Sharkdog gets in trouble.

Fish Fiesta Freakout Sep 3, 2021

Capt. Quigley, Dennis and Mr. Heubel team up to catch Sharkdog at the carnival.

The Sharkdogsitter Sep 3, 2021

Ollie has a hard time handling Sharkdog.

Dennis Drones On Sep 3, 2021

Max keeps busy to buy a fancy drone for Ollie's birthday.

Return of the Nightwalker Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog stops Max from sleepwalking into the ocean.

Poots and Vegetables Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog's new favourite snack is Brussels sprouts.

A Storm in Foggy Springs Sep 3, 2021

A storm makes Sharkdog camouflage on cue.

Green Around the Gills Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog fakes a cold to keep Max from a camping trip.

Hide-and-Go-Shark Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog spooks the fish at the aquarium.

The Fishers Go Fishing Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog leads a great white shark away from the Fishers.

Shark Marks the Spot Sep 3, 2021

Max, Royce and Sharkdog hunt for pirate treasure.

My Fair Sharkdog Sep 3, 2021

Dennis challenges Max to a doggy contest.

Sharkdog Home Alone Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog makes a mess when he's home alone.

Sharks Sharks Sharks Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog is the star of the Fisher family's favourite show.

The Great Shark Hunter Sep 3, 2021

Capt. Barb Quigley snatches up Sharkdog at sea.

Sharkdog Digs In Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog digs out the moles in Max's dad's garden.

Sharkdoghouse Sep 3, 2021

Max calls for back-up from best pals Olivia and Royce.

Unfetch Sep 3, 2021

Sharkdog fetches the the wrong things around town.

Home Sweet Sharkdog Sep 3, 2021

Max has trouble keeping Sharkdog a secret because he's a handful.

Fins in the Water Sep 3, 2021

Max meets Sharkdog and finds a new best friend.