Genres: Adventure, Nature
Status: not renewed yet
Station: History Channel
Latest Episode: 4/27/2023
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The swampers venture into the foreboding Everglades Triangle.


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Name Air Dates
The Final Battle Apr 27, 2023

On the last day of the season, the hunters gather to target breeding females. Bill and Tes investigate a secluded stretch of islands. Dusty hopes to go out with a bang, while Zak and Bruce follow an ancient native trail. Troy and Pickle search a dry lakebed that could be a python breeding hot spot.

Dark and Dangerous Apr 20, 2023

The clock is ticking with only days remaining in python season; Pickle seeks validation from Troy on her tracking skills; Bruce must hunt alone in Zak's absence; Dusty heads to an isolated portion of the Everglades.

Snakin' Ain't Easy Apr 13, 2023

Troy and Pickle help rid a citrus grove of pythons. Bill is forced to hunt solo for the day. Meanwhile, Brue and Zak mount an airboat to a new honey hole and Dusty responds to a friend's call for help.

The Dead Zone Apr 6, 2023

Bill and Tes battle The Everglades heat. Troy and Pickle search for a python paradise. A special day for Dusty goes awry, while Zak and Bruce try their luck in The Dead Zone.

Mad Woman Woods Mar 30, 2023

Troy and Pickle help a friend look for his lost dog. Bill and Tes search for pythons in a spot ravaged by wildfires. Zak and Bruce investigate an abandoned boat yard, and Dusty hunts in an area with a dark past.

Judas Snake Mar 23, 2023

Troy and Pickle track a high-tech snake. Bill and Tes search for a new hot spot. Dusty discovers one of his favorite honey holes has changed forever. Zak and Bruce chase the snakes below ground and get a surprise.

Viper Alley Mar 9, 2023

"King of the Swamp" Troy Landry and Pickle Wheat mix it up with some locals. Tes puts her skills to the test hunting without her partner Bill. Zak and Bruce return to Viper Alley, and Dusty hunts for a legend.

Super Snakes Mar 2, 2023

Troy and Pickle battle a hyper aggressive breed of python. Bill and Tes try to stay one step ahead of the Army Corp of Engineers. Dusty works on a plan to get the snakes to come to him, while Zak and Bruce face off against two foes.

Calf Eater Feb 23, 2023

Legendary hunter Bruce Mitchell rejoins the fight with Zak and Aaron. Troy, Pickle, Bill and Tes team up to help a rancher with a serious problem. While Dusty devises a way to light up the night.

Up Snake Creek Feb 16, 2023

The battle for the Everglades becomes personal for Troy and Pickle. Bill and Tes venture further north than ever before. Zak and Aaron visit Zak's childhood stomping grounds, while Dusty heads to one of his favorite honey holes.

The Snake Pit Feb 9, 2023

Troy Landry and Pickle Wheat get a tip about a place called the snake pit from a local; Bill and Tes investigate a rock quarry full of pythons; Dusty has a close call with the supernatural, while Zak and Aaron fight to protect the local children.

Earth Shaker Feb 2, 2023

Troy and Pickle face a familiar foe, while Bill and Tes defend a friend's camp from a slithering invasion. Zak and Aaron's hunt leaves a bad taste in their mouths, and Dusty Crum has a plan to work smarter not harder.

New Hunting Grounds Jan 26, 2023

Troy Landry and Pickle witness just how far the pythons have spread. Zak and Aaron take on a whole new type of beast. Bill and Tess tackle some uninvited guests, while Dusty does what he can to prevent an early end to his python season.

The Night Serpent Jan 19, 2023

Troy and Pickle hunt a giant python known as the Night Serpent. Tess convinces Bill to try out new hunting grounds, but Bill is not sure it's a good idea. Zak and Aaron explore a notorious corner of the Everglades, and Dusty Crum has an idea to lighten his load.

Snakes, Rattles and Rolls Jan 12, 2023

Pickle must face her fear of big cats as she continues to impress Troy with her natural snake hunting talent. Bill and Tes hunt stumble on a rumored government testing facility and find all they can handle. Dusty recruits a new hunting partner with a snake phobia while Zak and Aaron battle pythons and the supernatural.

New Blood Jan 5, 2023

Troy Landry teaches long-time partner Pickle Wheat the ins and outs of python hunting; veteran snake hunter Bill Booth and Florida hunter Tes Lee must learn to work as a team if they hope to put a dent in the growing python population.

All Hands on Deck Jan 28, 2021

On their final day of the season, all five hunters converge on the northern edge of the Everglades to stop the invasion of serpents into a critical bird sanctuary. But it soon becomes clear they might be too late.

Boiling Point Jan 21, 2021

 As a heat wave grips the Everglades, Bruce and Zak call in canine reinforcements to sniff out serpents hiding from the rising temperature. Meanwhile, Troy, Chase, and Bill hunt the remote jungles of snake island. But when a differing opinion on strategy divides them, Troy soon finds himself alone in the middle of nowhere.

Python Gamble Jan 14, 2021

A friendly wager on which team can catch the most snakes and the biggest python; Troy, Bill and Chase return to a honey hole from last season, while Zak and Bruce place their bets on an abandoned Cold War bomb shelter.

Outlaw Country Jan 7, 2021

Troy, Chase, and Bill gamble on a long journey into the center of the Everglades, following the migration of giant pythons to the furthest depths of the wetlands. Meanwhile, Bruce and Zak head deep into outlaw country, looking for snakes hiding on a deserted bootlegging trail...but what they uncover is far more shocking than they expected.

Gators and Ghost Towns Dec 17, 2020

When Troy, Chase and Bill mount an airboat to hunt an area pythons are raiding alligator nests, an unfortunate mishap could leave them stranded overnight. Meanwhile, Bruce and Zak's journey into an abandoned ghost town with a haunted past, leads them to an unexpected opportunity.

Return to the Everglades Triangle Dec 10, 2020

The hunters venture into the Everglades Triangle, an area known for mysterious disappearances and swarms of snakes; Troy, Chase and Bill use a drone to search the swamp from the air, while Bruce and Zak track snakes with a handheld thermal device.

Venom Warriors Dec 3, 2020

As the hunting season heats up, Troy, Chase and Bill dive into deep water to catch pythons, but might be in over their heads. Meanwhile, Bruce and Zak fear they've bitten off more than they can chew when they venture into Viper Jungle, an area filled with venomous rattlesnakes and moccasins.

Skunk Ape Alley Dec 3, 2020

The Cajun Navy is back to fight the war against pythons invading the Everglades. King of the Swamp Troy Landry, along with his son Chase and snake expert Bill Booth, track serpents into a breeding ground known as Deer Haven. Meanwhile, veteran swamper Bruce Mitchell and invasive species hunter, Zak Catchem, take on the legendary Skunk Ape Alley, an area known for strange encounters and massive pythons.

Rise of the Super Snakes Apr 2, 2020

As the hunters face their final week in the Everglades, Troy and Chase protect a remote community from an aggressive gang of alligators. Then, the swampers join forces to track down a deadly hybrid python. Will they be able to stop the rise of the super snakes'

Taking Back the Glades Mar 26, 2020

In the third week of fighting monster serpents, hunters face a terrifying reality: the invasion is bigger than they anticipated. With their backs against the wall, Troy, Chase and Bill call upon trackers and thermal drones to get a leg up on the snakes. Meanwhile, Bruce and Zak breakdown in the middle of a swamp that's rumored to be home to the largest serpent in the world--the green anaconda.

The Everglades Triangle Mar 19, 2020

One week into the hunt for invasive Burmese pythons, the swampers venture into the foreboding Everglades Triangle. Bruce, Zak and Bill hunt near a mysterious abandoned rocket silo, while Troy and Chase scour a cattle ranch for one of the world's deadliest snakes: the African Rock Python.

Man vs. Snake Mar 12, 2020

Invasive Burmese pythons are taking over the Florida Everglades and devouring everything in sight. The only way to stop them is to call in the nation's best swampers: King of the Swamp Troy Landry, his son Chase, legendary gator hunter Bruce Mitchell, and big fish wrangler Zak Bagby. Together with professional snake hunter Bill Booth, the men dive into the underbelly of the Everglades to capture and remove the sinister beasts.