Status: Canceled
Station: MTV
Latest Episode: 10/19/2015

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Basic info and storyline

Todrick is a new weekly unscripted docu-series based on the life of multitalented YouTube sen-sation Todrick Hall. The show premiered on MTV on August 31, 2015 and revolves around the YouTube star’s relentless pursuit of the American Dream.

In the trailer for season 1, Todrick proudly proclaims that performing is his life and introduces himself as an actor, dancer, singer, choreographer and producer. The show focuses on the cre-ative factory of Todrick and his friends as they write, choreograph, style and direct full scale vid-eo productions. Audiences gain a behind-the-scenes look at how the star and his posse try to make their dreams come true, on their own terms. Even when that sometimes means taking on odd side jobs to pay the bills.

Todrick became a YouTube sensation after fleeing the Lone Star State of Texas to pursue star-dom by making small budget movies, begging for props and working against ridiculously tight self-imposed deadlines. Ceasing every opportunity, Todrick has succeeded in his ventures by taking advantage of modern technologies and flexibility of independent distribution. After being eliminated as a semifinalist on the ninth season of American Idol, a video of Todrick singing his order at a McDonald’s drive-through catapulted him into pop cultural relevancy. In the series, Todrick and his team attempt to replicate the formula for creating viral videos.

With more than 1.6 million subscribers and 239 million views on his YouTube channel, Todrick has leveraged the internet to do more than just propel himself into the cultural conversation. He managed to turn his loyal online following into real offline revenue by staging live theatrical pro-ductions of his most popular videos. At $25 per ticket, his shows “Twerk du Soleil” and “Toddlerz Ball” have packed venues from California to Indiana, even selling out London’s Leicester Square Theatre. With a successful premiere of the show, audiences are already looking forward to a second season. However, there has been no word from MTV regarding its renewal for season 2.


  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
Peter Perry Oct 19, 2015
Dem Cakes Oct 12, 2015

Todrick creates a circus-themed music video to celebrate booties, learns about eating fire, and casts twerking dancers.

Titaniqua Oct 5, 2015

Todrick makes a "Titanic" spoof called, "Titaniqua With You Tubers," and must convince his cast to swim in cold water.

Unfollow Me Sep 28, 2015

Todrick invites Joseph Gordon Levitt to costar in a video spoof, but the actor has only a limited amount of time available.

Wind It Up Sep 21, 2015

Todrick wants to film the magical world of zombie toys; Todrick's friend records vocals, but her personal drama could ruin things.

Epic Love Sep 14, 2015

Todrick and his team make an homage to romantic movie moments for the video, but it causes budget challenges.

Texas Sep 7, 2015

Todrick shoots a personal video with his friends and family from his home town in Texas; Todrick opens up to his brother.

Who Let The Freaks Out Aug 31, 2015

A music video about excess, using borrowed costumes and stolen locations; Kelly Rowland helps the team surprise a friend.

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