Genres: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Station: PBS
Latest Episode: 12/16/2016


Storyline and cast

Vicious is a British television sitcom created by Gary Janetti (Family Guy) and staring Ian McKellen (X-Men) and Derek Jacobi (Last Tango in Halifax) – two of Britain’s leading comedy masters. Broadcast by ITV in Great Britain and PBS in the United States, the series first premiered on April 29, 2013 and has had a successful two season run.

Freddie (McKellen) and Stuart (Jacobi) are an elderly gay couple who live together in a flat they’ve shared for nearly 50 years. Freddie is an over-the-hill mediocre actor, with nothing but small parts to include in his portfolio, and whose career is nearly over. Stuart is a former bar manager whose main concern in life has become to take care of Freddie and their aged dog Balthazar.

Vicious is old-school comedy made fresh again by a stellar cast. Its deliberate old fashioned style is part of the joke and has been compared to such classics as I Love Lucy and The Odd Couple. Much like in the American classics, Freddie and Stuart constantly embark on humorous mishaps, hideous break-ups and heart-warming make-ups.

The six-episode season 2 premiered on PBS on August 23, 2015. McKellen and Jacobi continue to play characters that the viewer wouldn’t normally see in a standard sitcom. Despite the constant bickering, sarcastic remarks aimed at the other’s appearances, age and status, Freddie and Stuart have a deep love for each other and their friends.

While ITV has not yet announced official dates for the release of another season, the series creator Gary Janetti suggests that from a creative standpoint, there are no plans to end the show after the current season. Shortly after the premiere of the second season actor Sir Ian McKellen stated that he’s ready to begin working on season 3.

Latest news

Updated December 26, 2015: There will not be a third season of this entertaining old-fashioned British sitcom. The stellar cast was absolutely delightful, and the network is not planning to end the series abruptly, but, rather, decided to air a one-off special in the early 2016. The special will feature all the main cast and will give the audience a glimpse of what it will be missing with the cancellation of the show.


  • Season 2
  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
Final Episode Dec 16, 2016

In spring, Freddie and Stuart attempt to hide their recently gained inheritance. Violet has financial troubles after her recent divorce and Ash struggles to meet his rent. Signs of Freddie and Stuart's expenditure soon threatens the pretense as their home is overrun with guests. In summer, it's Freddie's birthday party and an unexpected card arrives. Stuart prepares a very special present, Violet has a surprising announcement, and Ash and Penelope share a secret. In autumn, Ash arrives at Freddie and Stuart's flat with news, whilst in winter the gang gather 'round at Christmas to experience Freddie's latest acting job. Vicious is back for one final hurrah, and it's as ferociously funny and heartfelt as ever.

Wedding Jul 6, 2015

It is someone's big day - but the arrival of an unexpected guest ensures that things do not go smoothly. It is not long before the supposedly blissful event turns into a potential disaster.

Flatmates Jun 29, 2015

Freddie and Stuart fall out, resulting in Stuart moving in with Ash while Violet moves in with Freddie. It is not long before the arrangement starts to drive the new flatmates up the wall, prompting Violet and Ash to come up with a plan to get things back to normal.

Stag Do Jun 22, 2015

Finding themselves both single, Violet and Ash consider dating new people, Violet has already met someone on the internet, while Ash's ex Chloe returns. Freddie, meanwhile, feels under pressure from Stuart to land a new acting role.

Ballroom Jun 15, 2015

The gang decides to join Ash and Jess at a ballroom dancing class. Nimble on his feet, Stuart quickly becomes teacher's pet, leaving Freddie in a huff, while Violet becomes a hit with the amorous teacher in other ways. After seeking Freddie's advice, Ash decides to take his relationship with Jess to the next level.

Gym Jun 8, 2015

Feeling unfit, Freddie and Stuart join Ash at his gym, where a young fitness instructor persuades the pair to sign up for an expensive membership. With Freddie and Stuart spending so much time at the gym, Violet and Penelope discover how pleasant their flat can be without the bickering pair in it.

Sister Jun 1, 2015

Violet panics when her wealthy sister Lillian - whom she has not seen in years - announces a visit. Worried that Lillian will discover the truth about her circumstances, Violet and friends set in motion an elaborate plan to save her from humiliation. Meanwhile, Ash is keen to introduce the group to his new girlfriend, Jess - but he is in for a surprise.

Christmas Special Dec 27, 2013

Freddie and Stuart have invited all of their friends to the flat for a traditional Christmas dinner. But a secret threatens to break up the whole group.

Anniversary Jun 10, 2013

It's Freddie and Stuart's anniversary party and they're expecting a long awaited guest. When Ash accidentally lets slip news of the party to Stuart's mother, Stuart finally decides that he is going to tell her that he and Freddie are a couple. The whole clan are round again to celebrate a typically awkward and eventful evening. Freddie is very excited about the arrival of a celebrity actor guest that he has invited, but Stuart is doubtful that she'll turn up.

Dinner Party Jun 3, 2013

Freddie and Stuart invite Ash and his new girlfriend Chloe to dinner. Whilst infrequent acting work has been getting Freddie down, things are looking up for Ash who has fallen in love with what seems to be the perfect woman. Or is she? As the evening progresses, Chloe's habits stop seeming so sweet and tensions mount over the meal. Violet, meanwhile, is having difficulty with her lover in Buenos Aires.

Clubbing May 20, 2013

Freddie, Stuart, Penelope and Mason go clubbing after Ash gets a job handing out club fliers. By the end of the night only Freddie is left standing and Stuart is feeling left out. Overcome by popularity, Freddie heads back to the club the next night with Ash's trendy friends, but soon realises clubbing is not quite for him. With Violet off with her new lover in Argentina, Stuart seeks comfort in his dotty friend Penelope who offers him some surprising advice.

Audition May 13, 2013

Freddie has an important audition coming up, whilst Ash frets over his own career. Freddie suggests that Ash pursues acting and teaches him the tricks of the trade. But, when Ash secures an acting role after just his first audition, Freddie is thrown into a state of depression, and Stuart must come up with a plan to renew his confidence. Meanwhile, Violet seeks advice from Freddie and Stuart on her tumultuous love affair with her Hungarian boyfriend.

Cheat May 6, 2013

Freddie and Stuart go shopping for a new coat for Freddie's Doctor Who fan club event. Meanwhile, new neighbour Ash seeks their on winning back his ex-girlfriend. Their best friend Violet is more than happy to help, and along with Penelope, Ash and Violet take an eventful trip to the shops where they make a shocking discovery.

Wake Apr 29, 2013

Freddie and Stuart host a wake to mark the passing of a dear friend. Joined by their small circle of elderly friends, the couple manage to create a splendidly awkward evening of very little food and biting insults. The couple are also joined by Ash, their new neighbour. Ash spends the evening attempting to be a good guest whilst fending off the advances of Freddie and Stuart's best friend, Violet.