Status: Canceled
Station: Bravo
Latest Episode: 1/31/2016
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  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
The Finish Line Jan 31, 2016

Holly wonders if she jumped the gun on her assessment of Sam. Meanwhile, Noah invites all the trainers to a boxing bootcamp, but the gloves come off when Courtney strikes the final blow to the mystery surrounding Joe.

Dead Weight Jan 24, 2016

Holly runs into a blast from her past and contemplates her future. Jay-La celebrates Thanksgiving under the wary eye of Mama Love and Courtney turns to his sister for advice. A pole-dancing class turns into a faceoff between Courtney and the other trainers when he bares a shocking revelation about Joe.

Simply the Best Jan 17, 2016

Lena, Courtney, and Joe compete for center stage at an audition and Lena fully intends to outshine the boys, while Joe's experience is put to the test. Feeling left out, Layla and Jay prepare to mix business with pleasure in a new entrepreneurial venture.

Cold Shoulder Press Jan 10, 2016

Holly gives a few of the trainers a head start at a career-making opportunity, but one feels left in the dust as the others sprint ahead. Reeling from his shoulder injury, Courtney seeks support from Layla's mom, Mama Love. Meanwhile, a fellow trainer leaves Lindsey sorely hanging at an athletic apparel event.

Cry of the Tiger Dec 27, 2015

With Layla and Jay's relationship becoming more serious, she thinks it's time to introduce him to her free-spirited mom, aka "Mama Love," but it doesn't go quite as planned. As Joe's influence expands over the group, a snubbed Layla goes undercover with Courtney on a mission to dig up dirt on Joe leading to a tense conversation between the three of them at Lindsey's Dirty 30 birthday party.

Spot Me, Bro! Dec 20, 2015

It's competition day for Lena who's hoping her bikini bod will pay off with a chance to lift herself up to the next level of her career. A new "bromance" between Noah and Joe materializes on the heels of Noah and Courtney's confrontation, and "JOAH" is born. Courtney's got bigger concerns, however, as a crumbling shoulder could lead to a crumbling career.

Feel the Burn Dec 13, 2015

Questions about Joe's background continue to swirl as tensions between Layla and Jay build. When Noah scores a personal coup by hosting a 'GQ' event, the other trainers confront him about whether his "brand-building" will help them or leave them all behind. Holly dives back into the dating scene, but worries her career has sunk her social skills.

Survival of the Fittest Dec 6, 2015

In the mecca of the fitness world, seven NYC trainers chase their big city dreams. As Layla and Jay's fiery romance loses some of its heat, Lena looks to ignite her career seeking guidance from master Flywheel trainer Holly. Meanwhile seasoned trainer Courtney shoulders the grueling demands of the fitness industry. An enigmatic new trainer joins the gym and rumors about his background reach a fever pitch.

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